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How to Find the Perfect Bras

Most women – as 85% of them actually – wear the wrong size bra. This is the opinion of most experts as the most prominent designers and manufacturers of underwear.

If all you bought bras are bought on the basis of measures that accurately you have taken, it is likely most of them you fit, but not all and not desires perfectly. Surely, in the closet you have bras that can better you stand. Some, perhaps, are awkward, and others – did not support the bust.

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Isabella’s Bags of Different Style

Handbags women to be beautiful, to be expensive, right? Dead wrong! Designer models are even a luxury, but are not even the only option for you to use. There are always good brands with attractive prices that do not need so many zeros after the first two to three digits. A stock option BBB (good, nice and cheap) are the bags Isabella Piu.

Scholarships Isabella Piu are products of Xeryus manufacturer, manufacturer. The brand launches models twice a year and acts in representation branch. In other words, is not a designer and not a women’s handbags brand with its own shops, can be found at authorized dealers. You can buy wholesale (lot) bags Isabella Piu and resell in your store or friends if desired.

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Samsung Announces Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in Brazil from R$3,799

In team that is winning does not move, or moves slightly. With the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, Samsung has taken off the pack of smartphones top line with Android. It is true that the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge presented at MWC in late February, and today, in Brazil, have little new to catch the eye, but even so, brought by Samsung are enough to put them in a comfortable quality leadership in the fierce market line tops smartphones.

Before, dates and places values: the new smartphone will be launched in Brazil on April 2, with pre-sale from tomorrow (18/3) – buying before the release ensures a free Gear VR. The Galaxy S7 will cost R$3,799, and the Galaxy S7 edge, US$4,299, both with 32GB of internal memory, and Samsung said in a loyalty program, “Galaxy Forever” to allow the annual exchange of top company line paying less for it.

Some news of them are actually old friends: Space returns the micro SD card and water resistance, both present in the Galaxy S5 and some contemporary competitors. The back of the card seems to me something more to calm the fans. Already the water resistance sounded like: “ah, this time has to put, let’s do so that others stop talking about it as a differentiator?” Roberto Soboll, director of products and services from Samsung confirmed this perception. He said the product has undergone changes in its construction that allowed bring back these two features.

Out and front, the devices are similar to their predecessors. Behind both gained a similar curvature to the Galaxy Note 5, which greatly improves the footprint of smartphones. The Galaxy S7 edge, beyond the curve on the side screen, also increased slightly; his screen has 5.5 inches against 5.1 S6 edge and conventional S7. In addition to size there have been important advances in her functions: a model of the screen, which many find unnecessary (particularly, I like), gained more features, more shortcuts to applications and also for third party content. This commitment implies that the future of the Edge screen is indeed promising. If you will turn trend among smartphones, there is another story.

Ghedin comments: The gringos reviews have been published and the enthusiasm with the Galaxy S7 edge is almost palpable. On The Verge, Dan Seifert was visibly excited with the device, to the point of calling it “the most impressive smartphone that already held”. Of the two, the variation with curved screen was the one that suffered more changes, and all very happy. In particular, thanks to the edges, Samsung managed to make a 5.5-inch smartphone with a thinner profile than others with the same size screen. Despite the (small) difference in price, do not be surprised if the taste is the most talked about and seen on the streets. Nor, in a one or two generations, the name “edge” is deleted and he turn the Galaxy S [insert number] standard.

The rear camera has an unusual modification: the 16-megapixel S6 family, went to 12 megapixels. According to Samsung, the camera, called Dual Pixel, delivers clearer, sharper images in low light. This is because it has a lens larger aperture (f/1.7) and physically larger pixels, which allows the camera to be faster and make more accurate autofocus even in adverse conditions. It is difficult to verify these promises without cell phones in hand, but we hope that Samsung knows what they are doing since the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge cameras are very good .

The battery happily raised. The Galaxy S7 has 3000 mAh and the edge S7, even more interesting, with 3600mAh. Both are compatible with fast charging capabilities and wireless charging. The larger battery the Galaxy S7 edge is justified by its larger size.

Ghedin said: I rely too heavily on Samsung camera. The Galaxy S6 was a treat, and despite the reduced resolution, the South Koreans would never step back right now, when they could be equal (in some scenarios, overcoming) the iPhone camera. The increase in battery capacity is very welcome too – was the Achilles heel of the S6 line. The new models are 1.1mm (S7) and 0.7mm (S7 edge) thicker than their predecessors, but … who cares if in exchange we gain a few more hours away from the outlet?

We will have versions of both devices in black, silver and gold. At least for now Samsung continues strong and not the offers rose gold or pink gold, color industry adopted in weight after being used in the iPhone 6s .

Still speaking of design, it’s a shame that Samsung failed to minimize the enormous amount of digital that are marked on the glass back of the devices. All though most people use expensive smartphones such as those with cover, but it’s still frustrating to find the marks of fingers greasy own a product that, in all other respects, it is so beautiful.

With the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Samsung itself as a premium brand. All that remains now begin to fidget in fact Apple where it counts: in sales. objects of desire the new Galaxy are already without a doubt.


How to Make Insect Repellent?

Currently the water shortage a lot of people are saving water in places that are not suitable for this and ends up causing the creation of mosquitoes, particularly dengue fever. With this increase in demand for increased very repellent, you can opt for natural insect repellent, in which you are you sure you won’t harm for your health.

This natural repellent is good against mosquitoes, black flies, flies and insects in general, which may be more inconvenient when it comes to allergic people.

Many people have a problem with existing chemicals in insecticides and repellents, with that they were out of options when they needed a repellent solution or natural insecticide for mosquitoes.

The natural insect repellent citronella is a great insect repellent. This grass is a relative of the lemon grass. It is a tropical plant and does not require a lot of ground to develop. The citronella can extract an oil that repels flies, mosquitoes and some other insects. However, the mere presence of this grass in an environment is enough to act as a repellent.

To make the repellent is very simple cut four or five leaves of lemongrass and cut them into pieces of 3 to 4cm and place in a small dish. Now put this dish where you scare away the mosquitoes, the plant will be releasing its essence, with this the mosquitoes will leave you alone.

When the citronella be dry looking and all mixed up, you will have to poke new pieces and put again in the desired place, because the essence has already evaporated.

White Dining Table – Check Out Different Models for Decorating

There are several models of tables for the dining room. Thinking about this, we decided to separate some ideas for decorating the dining room to help you in choosing. How about? The white dining table can be used on any type of decoration. Simply choose the model that best harmonizes with the style chosen to decorate. There are round, square, rectangular tables, tables specific to be used against the wall. For this reason, many times we got into it with questions about which one to choose, isn’t it? After all, with so many beautiful option on the market, it’s hard to choose just one.

The good white dining table, can be used in all types of dining room. Is your apartment or house small? Because light shades help in decorating environments with little space. Are you having doubts about what is the best choice for your home? So check out some beautiful apartments  or houses options already decorated with some models. Which one would be good in your decorating?

Dining Room Decoration-White Table to Decorate

The white looks great on table decorations more “clean”, but it can also be used in other styles. As for the format, choose the option that best fit the environment. If the space is small, prefer smaller tables. If your apartment or house is larger, so it is possible to buy a bigger table for the environment. See below for great ideas for decorating the dining room.


Cressi “Seduces” Divers with the Leonardo Computer

Sophisticated and compact, the Leonardo Cressi seems a banal watch, but it’s much more than that. It is a computer fully developed by the diving mark Cressi and which can be found in Portugal in specialty stores, retailers of the brand’s most famous aquatic universe. Its added value is that it is a very useful both for diving debut, as for those who already have some experience in this sport.

The Cressi was born officially in 1946 by the hand of the Italian brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi. The company is the oldest and specialized in the production of diving equipment. The brand stands out for its innovative capacity, because despite the long age continues to position itself in the market as avant-garde creator.

The result of decades of work is visible. After Crystal silicone or angular mask lenses Evolution, comes the recent computer for decompression calculations Leonardo Cressi.

Leonardo Cressi is the “Must-Have” for Professional Divers, Rookies or Occasional Practitioners

The computer is made up of the new RGBM algorithm Cressi that allows you to calculate a secure decompression and is great for repetitive dives in several days. The design is simple and functional and interface has only a single button that allows all programming of the device.

Every time you start a new adventure, you can restart the Leonardo Cressi with original settings. Therefore, the device is also very requested by companies of catering equipment for diving.

The Leonardo Cressi battery operated, which emits sound alarms whenever there is new information to convey.

With this device you can safely know what is your level of decompression and when will be advisable, for example, an airplane ride (due to the large decompression is necessary to derive several hours until the body be stable and able to “fly”).

The Cressi is at the Forefront of Innovations in Equipment for Diving

The Leonardo brand dive computer Cressi is an important acquisition for who starts in the diving professional and is an equipment that will be extremely helpful when become specialized in this aquatic sport. It’s an investment that will be used in all stages of progression of diver.

In addition to the Nitrox certification, the Leonardo Cressi has three dive modes, enabling the measurement of parameters and management of two gases (air and nitrox), levels of altitude and the possibility of fire (or not) the depth stop mode, among other features.

The brand’s commitment to manufacture and create products in your facility, in Italy, also contributes to the success of equipment and recognition of its quality. The Cressi has over 16000 square meters of factory, where are gathered all the departments of design and production of various equipment, from the design to the factory.

The engineers accompany the entire process, evaluating the standards of quality and doing “the spot” the necessary tests of quality and innovation. Thanks to this vision, Cressi manages to place on the market products technologically advanced, while maintaining its position at the top of the best brands of scuba diving in the world.

Experienced divers, beginners or single sportsmen can find Leonardo Cressi and other exclusive branded equipment in stores, official reseller.