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Organized Room and Organized Life

Hangers and racks are found in various formats.

A well decorated house loses all the charm if the rooms are messy, is not it? Accessories such as hangers and racks are great examples of wildcard parts that help you organize and make even the most practical environments. Knowing the importance of these aids, we separated the characteristics of parts and provides with unbeatable prices. Enjoy!


Are to store t-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, are to organize ties, belts and bags, the hangers can not miss in your wardrobe or closet. They are found with different amounts of media and have varying widths and heights so you can purchase the accessory in the most appropriate size for your space. To match the decor, select from acrylic versions, plastic, steel or wood. There are also several colors and models in children’s classes, adult, rotating, multi-function, among others. Continue reading

Xbox One in 1 Million Copies Sold

Microsoft’s game console, the Xbox One, has had a good start, since the first day sales were sold in excess of 1 million copies.

Microsoft has rounded 1 million sold the Xbox One devices on the first day when the console was in sales. This sales figures matched the sales figure for the PlayStation 4, since this was launched. It writes our site.

Xbox One console came for sale in 13 markets on 22.November and Microsoft has stated that many dealers had sold out.

Sony and Microsoft are the leading hardware producers in the games industry and therefore also comes in some markets almost at the same time with new versions of their consoles.

Xbox One comes on the market at the beginning of 2014 in Denmark, while Playstation has an advantage since this is already ready for the Christmas trade at home-though perhaps difficult to get their hands on.

Sony Xperia Z1: Update on Updated Android 4.4.2

An updated version of Android 4.4.2 is available for the Sony Xperia Z1 – at least in China, the firmware update will be rolled out already. Obviously, it brings only a few bug fixes. Soon, other countries on the series should be.

Since Friday is the rollout of Android 4.4.2 KitKat with build number 14.3.A.0.761 for the Sony Xperia Z1 in full swing. It has experienced Xperia blog about the community of XDA-developers, there first users already have access to the bug fix update. The new firmware is there at the moment only for devices with a model number of C6902, i.e. for the Sony Xperia Z1 available in China.

In the Forum, a first screenshot of Android 4.4.2 is KitKat to see, however, there is no official changelog as evidence with the build number 14.3.A.0.761. Therefore so far to assume that fixed some bugs from the previous build of 14.3.A.0.757 – the first build of Android 4.4.2 for Xperia Z1 appeared in March in Germany. A user of the latest version reported that now, for example, a display issue of the Sony Xperia Z1 with the Messenger app Wechat has been fixed.

Update is Expected for Multiple Devices

In recent weeks there have been several indications that Android 4.4.2 update will appear in may for several models of the Xperia series – on Wednesday revealed that the updated version of the operating system was certified, the way would be the delivery so. According to current, also the Tablet Z should be equipped with the new version in addition to the Sony Xperia Z and the ZL and ZR models.

Huawei Will Send 20 Mill. Mobiles on the Market in Q4

Huawei has a goal of sending 20 million smartphones in the market in the fourth quarter of this year, which is somewhat more than in the third quarter.

Huawei has a hope and goal of the year in the fourth quarter to send 20 million smart phones out on the market. This will be a big increase compared to the third quarter. It writes our site.

In the third quarter of this year sent the 13.5 million smartphone on the market.

It is mobile manufacturer’s VP of marketing, Shao Yang, which comes with this optimistic announcement about the goal of the last quarter of the year.

Shao Yang also tells that the producer should not have any problems with, to reach a total sales of 55 million smartphones in 2013. That was supposed to forward to the fourth quarter be sent 35 million Huawei-smartphones on the market.

It is, among other things, Huawei Ascend P6, which is instrumental to the good sales and Huawei expect it soon reaches 10 million copies sold.

Selfy: Selfie Remote for iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5

2014 is the year of Selfies – Selfy has arrived just at the right. On the back of the case a detachable remote control is attached, with which your also from a distance can press the trigger of the Smartphone camera. The whole thing works pretty simple and as of itself, without additional apps.

At the latest since the famous Oscar Selfie, which host Ellen DeGeneres brought a Twitter record with sheer celebrity power, self portraits are with Smartphone cameras on everyone’s lips. As some stars and Smartphone manufacturer, wants with swim also iLuv creative technology on the Selfie shaft and presents the appropriate accessories to the popular ego snapshot with Selfy.

Protective Case with Bluetooth Remote Control

Selfy is only a cover. But, a small remote control is embedded on the back of not necessarily thin accessories. This connects you in the Setup menu via Bluetooth to your Smartphone or Tablet – and already, you can use the remote controller for snapshots, without having to hold your photo unit in your hand. Selfy not on self portraits is of course limited, but this purpose is quite close. Selfie enthusiasts could complain, however, that practical accessories takes the photos a piece of her typical character – about the almost forcibly in the image to arm that stretches out the Smartphone from the photographer and subject.

The case for Selfie photographer is available in pink or black color for the Samsung’s Galaxy S5, as well as iPhone 5 and 5; There are the protective case for iPad air and iPad mini only in black, but with fold-out stand. The Smartphone versions of Selfy cost you on the Web page of the manufacturer $49.99 each, while 20 or 30 dollars more are estimated for the cases for iPad mini and iPad air.

Apple Confirms Purchase of PrimeSense

Apple now confirms that they have purchased the firm PrimeSense, which have helped develop the sensors for the Kinect camera.

There has long been a lot of rumors that Apple would buy the firm PrimeSense, but now confirms Apple so that they have bought an Israeli company. It writes our site.

Primesense was to develop the sensors for the first Kinect camera for Microsoft’s Xbox.

Thus, the rumors and speculation that Apple will bet on anything motion-recognition in future Apple products new life. Apple, however, this will neither confirm nor deny.

-“Apple buys from and to smaller technology companies, and we are generally unable to neither purpose or plans for them,” says spokeswoman Kristin Huguet to news service Bloomberg.

The deal has, according to PC Pro, a value of about 350 million dollars, which are small 2 billion Danish kroner.

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Microsoft Moves into Nokia’s Headquarters

With Nokia’s mobile business Microsoft also takes over the lease at Its Finnish headquarters.

With the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile business, Microsoft will also take over the lease to Nokia’s headquarters in Finland. In the implementation of the trade will Nokia House be left to Microsoft and thus create as little uproar as possible for the thousands of employees who subsequently change employer.

The remaining of the Nokia moves to the building which otherwise have House Nokia Siemens Networks.

Funnily enough the owner of Nokia not their own headquarters, it was sold to the company Exilion last year to raise money for the transition toward the Windows Phone. However, it can hopefully calm the many Nokia employees and fans who were worried about the Nokia now should be moved out of the country.

Mini Smartphones are on the Rise

2014 the Mini Smartphones Come

This year the Phablets, like for example the Samsung Galaxy were rated 3 or Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra, big in fashion. And in the coming year, the hype surrounding the Smartphones with the giant displays will be not over. Because there is always a Countertrend to every trend, we can look forward on the mini smartphones, which next year will come out big.

The mini Smartphones that will come in the next year on the market, have to offer more than the previous mini smartphones in terms of hardware: LG rumor is working on a G2 mini, which should have a 4.2-inch display and get its power from a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800. Also the Xperia mini, the beginning of 2014 on the market come, will be very likely a hardware equipped with, which is comparable to that of the Xperia Z1. As well as the big brothers and sisters, who have display sizes of 5 or more inches, even the little ones in terms of size grew more and more and actually don’t even deserve to be called “Mini” Smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy S3 published in October 2012 mini, for example, a 4-inch super AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, that this may came out, had been a display with 4.3 inch size , the HTC one presented in July mini has a display in this size – both are thus greater than an iPhone.

Mini smartphones are still popular: polls especially women and those who long have smartphones decide for the new mini smartphones with 4.5 inch large display, because they operated best with one hand.

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LG detects “Glasstic” Trademark in Korea

Newly registered trademark indicates that LG plans to make some glasses as known from Google Glasses.

Glasses as Google Glasses are still a relatively new concept, a patent from the Korean LG now pointing in direction of, that they also may be in the process of making a pair of glasses.

The 14 November registered LG trademark Glasstic by the Korean authorities, here emerges the concept as being usable in areas such as mobile phones, spectacles and watches. It is on the other hand, all the information that is available now, so it is not possible to draw any meaningful conclusions.

Nevertheless, one can wonder whether there actually is talking about some fancy glasses, and in this case, whether it is a product portfolio that takes as its starting point the Google Glasses or about LG have their own ideas on the drawing board. In any case, it shows that LG thinks at one point or another in the ballgame.

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HP Builds Again Smartphones

HP Brings HP Smartphones on the Market

According to the magazine “The Information” wants to get HP back in the Smartphone market. Especially smart phones with large displays are to be produced. The good: the HP Smartphones should not be expensive.

HP has want to know in terms of smartphones ever almost three years ago, had failed but with its equipment at that time on the market, before it really started. Manager error were to blame for this: the Smartphone that HP had offered three years ago, were the models Pre3 and veer – based both on the Palm operating system webOS. Also offered was a Tablet PC, the HP touchpad from HP. Only a few weeks after the launch of the made HP the complete business area flat and verramschte then the phones and tablets under the purchase price. The former German CEO of HP, Leo was responsible for most pharmacists. He wanted to lead HP away from the hardware business and the company make a pure software and services company. Not all were so great this idea probably because pharmacists was gone some time later by the window. Meg Whitman, who again opts for HP smartphones took over his post: HP wants to build now, especially smart phones with large displays – the HP Smartphones should not be too expensive, because HP wants to offer its HP Smartphones from as little as $200. HP primarily Phablets would like to manufacture equipment so that the size be made between normal phone and tablet. HP smartphones to be offered with display sizes of 6 inches or more. It remains to be seen what we can expect from the affordable HP smartphones…

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More Layoffs on Top Posts with BlackBerry

The interim Chief Executive at BlackBerry continues to share fyresedler out more in top positions has now also received a.

BlackBerry’s temporary Chief Executive, John Chen, has taken massive fat and trying to turn the company’s focus. It has now also cost the Finance Director, and two other managers, the job in the company. It writes our site.

John Chen was first deployed as temporary Chief Executive in November, when BlackBerry decided they would not sell themselves, but instead focus on large customers-as the public for example. This was also earlier BlackBerry’s core business.

BlackBerry has in the past been the favorite smartphone in business, as it had full QWERTY keyboard, as well as communication ran on BlackBerrys own secured network.

TT Network Covers South Funen, Langeland and Haderslev

The inhabitants in and around Haderslev, Faaborg, Svendborg, Tåsinge and Langeland and Ærø whole can now use Telia and Telenor’s new total 3 g network. View before and after pictures here.

TT network continues the merger of Telia and Telenor’s 3 g mobile network, and now it is the turn to the South, where Faaborg, Svendborg and the islands of Tåsinge, Ærø and Langeland has gotten markedly better 3 g coverage.

Telenor’s customers had earlier access to 60 3 g cell towers on South Funen, Langeland, Tåsinge and Ærø. From today, Telenor’s customers access to 3 g from around 107 cell towers. Continue reading

Origin of Bluetooth

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology (wireless) that connects and enables the transmission of data between computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and other devices using radio waves.

It was created in 1994 by Swedish company Ericsson mentioned on that it wished to a low-cost technology that would enable the communications between mobile phones and accessories without the need for cables.

A very important application of bluetooth communication between cell phones and wireless headsets. Who’s driving a vehicle, has the advantage of not needing to use your hands to answer the phone or headphones connected by wires.

The cars that have this technology work with hands-free systems. The driver turn on the bluetooth on the phone and, when there is a call, activates the handsfree system.

The use of Bluetooth technology is also applied in keyboards, mice, and printers, that work without the need of cables connected to the computer.

Origin of the name Bluetooth

It is said that the Bluetooth name was chosen in homage to the King of Denmark and Norway’s Harald Bluetooth (Bluetooth is an English version for the original Scandinavian name) during his reign ( managed to unify tribes of the Scandinavian countries. The analogy is a reference to the technology which also joins a universal standard communication protocols.