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Wild Tech: Transparent Battery Can Recharge Itself

A newly developed type of battery can revolutionize the future of mobile devices: it is transparent and can charge themselves with sunlight.

A Japanese research team from Kogakuin University in Japan, this month a new type battery with promising properties.

It showed off prototype unites for two properties which will give mobile devices completely new perspectives: it is transparent and so it can be recharged with the Sun’s rays.

Why do you dream about a transparent phone in the best Tony Stark-shape, the team’s new battery can be the necessary breakthrough. Continue reading

5 Tips For The Perfect Fitness Selfie

Whether in the gym, outside the Freeletics or the marathon – athletes show quite likes what they do – also on Selfies. So you not only get when shooting with your Smartphone to work up a sweat, a few things must be observed when shooting. Here is the training program for the perfect Selfie.

Finger From The Lens

A sapping fitness workout is strenuous enough. With a quiet hand hold even the 5.5 inch Klopper? A must-have. In any case it ensure that no finger on the lens rests and is also the face in the picture. Speaking of face: who hooks his muscles to strenuous, risked with a distorted face involuntarily laughs on the receiver side. Notice, also, that other athletes do not slip in your image. Not all people are like to photographed during training.

The Angle Must Be

Just then, when muscles and first-class proportions on the Selfie to come good, is one of the proper shooting angle. Your previous pointing body you should therefore diagonally from the top down shooting. Because your hips this narrower, on the other hand the upper body as a result, wider effect. As long as you want points with the recipient with broad shoulders.

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Project Ara: Print Your Smartphone with 3D Technology

Motorola has previously published their “Project Ara” which should make it possible for users to design their own smartphone.

Motorola Mobility rates in the future will offer smartphones that can be editted and designed according to the individual user wants. It is also in this context that Motorola has launched the project “Project Ara”.

In “Project Ara” 3D printing will come to play an important role. In the past, it has only been publicly known that they gambled on the users themselves to create their own phones-according to its own wishes and needs. It writes our site. Continue reading

Source Code Reveals Details about Microsoft’s Event

Tags in the source code of Microsoft’s event page reveals probably a range of products presented in the next month.

Microsoft has sent out invitations to the event on 6 October in New York, including, Microsoft has created a Web page that describes how to look in on live-stream from the event.

But perhaps the website reveals more than what Microsoft had intended.

The headline is: “We have as exciting news two share about 10 Windows devices“-And someone has evidently been a little too excited, for WMPower user describes how source code to the website may reveal little more than Microsoft had intended.  Continue reading

Gopro Hero +: New Announced Action Camera For $200

With the GoPro hero + action filmmakers should come with a limited budget at their own expense, which still place emphasis on recording quality. The new camera model has no touchscreen, but has other advantages.

The GoPro hero + roughly $ 70 with just under 200 dollars more than the base model GoPro Hero, as Mashable reported. For this you can film with the GoPro hero + also in 720 p and 1080 p at 60 frames per second. The less expensive GoPro Hero can do it only in 720 p. It captures only 30 frames per second with 1080 p. The Wi-Fi-action camera GoPro hero + is lacking otherwise hardly one of the famous features – just a touch screen is not fitted. It is reserved for the more expensive GoPro Hero + LCD.

Gopro Hero Session In The Price Lowered

The other specs of the GoPro hero + same as the GoPro hero + LCD: you can snap photos in 8 MP resolution, create five frames per second in burst mode and create time-lapse videos. It is waterproof, contains an SD card slot and is loaded through a micro-USB port. Also brings the camera Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio.

In the course of introducing the hero + lowers GoPro also the price of a further model: instead of about 400 dollars the GoPro Hero 4 session now costs $300. Thus, film adventurer might currently find a suitable GoPro video camera in almost every price range. The GoPro hero + should be available in stores on October 4.

Gopro Hero New Announced Action Camera For $200

Xbox Video Officially for the Web

Microsoft has officially unveiled new Xbox Video service for web, which later comes to Windows Phone.

Microsoft has unveiled their Xbox Video service for web, ahead of a planned app release for Windows Phone.

The service is available through an internet browser and can be accessed via our site, where it has the same options as the official app that can be downloaded for Windows 8.1, writes our site.

The layout is similar to the confusion between the layout of Xbox Music which is built up of large tiles, or tiles that are also known from both Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and Xbox.

When you are logged into the service, you can buy or rent movies and video, and stream them directly to your computer-Only small minus by the web edition is the lack of support for HD playback.

Huawei Nexus-New Details Leaked

Google’s upcoming topmobil from Huawei have appeared in test-app GFXBench’s archive, which delicious new info about the phone.

Search giant Google has two new Nexus phones are on the stairs. At least will be Nexus 5 x with 5.2 “produced by LG display, and most will be Huaweis putative successor to the Nexus 6.

Where most basic specifications from the smaller, and cheaper, Nexus 5 x is unleashed, it is only sporadic information about the upcoming toptelefon from Huawei.
Information from the test-application GFXBench does offer insight into what the next big Mobile will offer.
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Automatically Deleting Bad Photos From Your Smartphone: This App Will Help

Selfie here, snapshot here: Time grows the photo collection on your Smartphone and blocked the memory. But only a fraction of the photos is really nice. To sort out the images grains by hand sucks and takes too much time. Workaround is to create the app Gallery doctor. We have tested them.

Automatically Deleting Bad Photos From Your Smartphone This App Will Help

Immediately after installation, doctor starts the gallery a first analysis of the photos on your Smartphone. Would you about take out a specific images folder – WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter – it, you must remove only the respective hook in the three-point menu under “Custom scan”. Then, the app presents you the results. Among other things sorted in “bad photos”, which were recognized as blurred or over – and under-exposed and “similar photos”, showing the same scene twice. Land other than well-rated pictures in “photos Preview”. Moreover, I saw on my Smartphone still “long videos”, “Assessing WhatsApp photos” and “Screenshots”.

No panic: Automatically delete doctor but no pictures gallery. You must accept the proposals still in the respective folder and you can delete all bad and double photos on a slip. I however advise to delete unchecked as bad or double marked photos. Because the app sets other standards as a person. You must once again go through the proposals anyway, and remove any photos that you want to keep from the deletion list. Nevertheless worth in my opinion the views on the app screened shots, because doctor encouraged pictures for days, I could delete the gallery but in the great Gallery long would scroll must.

Automatically Deleting Bad Photos From Your Smartphone This App Will Help-2

Tindern Through The Gallery

The second way with Gallery to delete doctor photos, reminiscent of the dating app Tinder. You sorted but not potential life partners, but the images on your smartphone into usable and unusable. With a swipe to the right – or a click on the green thumb upward – keep the photo displayed. A swipe to the left – or a click on the Red thumb lowered down and the app deletes the image. A side effect of this selection method: Gallery doctor learns which photos you like and adapt its proposals. You take up as many low or high key images, the corresponding recordings no longer land after some time in the “bad photos”.

Gallery is available for iOS and Android doctor. Even if both version work, there is a not unimportant difference: In the play store, the application is free, you pay 2.99 Euro in Apple’s app store.

Buyers Will Have Robust Mobile Phones and Longer Battery Life

The highest at mobile buyers’ wish list are phones that are more robust and batteries that do not run out, the new study shows.

A new study, carried out among consumers in the United Kingdom, Germany, 3,500 United States and the United Arab Emirates for Bullitt Mobile Ltd. shows that part of it which frustrates us most about our mobile phones, screens cracking, the signal fails and the battery runs out.

The whole 37 percent of phone owners say that the biggest frustration they have over their cell phone’s battery life and are by far the biggest problem. 14 percent are frustrated that they are experiencing bad signal, while and 12 percent is also annoyed that the data charges are so high.  Continue reading

IOS 9 Released Today-Here Is the News

Apple’s Publisher today new iOS software for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Here is what you need to know about the update.

From tonight, at 19 o’clock, you will be able to download the latest version of Apple’s operating system iOS for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. You should not expect the major Visual differences, the major differences will be to find new apps, functions and features.

Below you can see what you can expect, and see whether your device will get the update.

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iPhone 7: Dual Camera With Optical Zoom Is Likely

The iPhone 7 could get a camera with two lenses: the star analyst and Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo has recently from investors to the features of the next top Smartphones from Cupertino expressed. Therefore, the device due to its photo features to impress.

The dual camera in the phone 7 should be based on technology, the Apple gets from its longtime supplier, Sony, AppleInsider reports. Both sensors of the camera are designed to provide a resolution of 12 MP. The a sensor to support optical image stabilization, while the other for the two triple zoom is responsible. Plus, Apple has introduced the optical image stabilization with the iPhone 6; optical zoom in an iPhone would be new ground, however, for the company. The iPhone should be able to change depending on the environment conditions between the two camera sensors.

Only In The “iPhone 7 Plus Deluxe”?

As Kuo revealed before the investors, this supposed iPhone 7 in three versions: as a normal execution, as iPhone 7 plus and as a kind of iPhone 7 plus Deluxe. The latter variant only have the dual camera, while the direct successors of iPhone 6 s and iPhone 6 s plus is a lens, must come out. So far, it is unclear whether even the simple versions of the iPhone 7 optical zoom have.

Already in November 2015, there were rumors that Apple iPhone 7 with a dual camera could equip. Beginning of January 2016 this rumor was awarded new food than a corresponding patent from Apple found its way to the public. The announcement that there will be three versions of the Smartphone is now new. It will show up whether will verify Kuos predictions in this point – and offer them for which Preis Apple iPhone 7 plus with dual camera.

iPhone 7 Dual Camera With Optical Zoom Is Likely

Director Stop in Telmore

Telmores ceo, Thomas Wandahl, stops as Managing Director. The job will be different when Telmore is part of the TDC group.

Telmore stands from the turn of perhaps no Director, then Director Thomas Wandahl has managed his last working day at the 31. December 2013.

TDC announced at the end of the month of October, to Telmore future becomes part of the TDC group, which among other things means sales functions and several administrative functions be moved together with the residential Department in TDC. As a result, the job as Director of Telmore also another than what Thomas Wandahl has had the past two years, it illuminates the TDC said in a statement.

There is found a new Director, but who this is will first be published in the coming week.
Wandahl continues as top executive at Smartguy.

Huawei Honor 7-Price Strong Mobile with Wide Appeal [Test]

Review: Huaweis Honor 7 will impress with full House on the specifications for a sharp price. A promising recipe.

Perhaps you know do not Honor, but you certainly know Huawei, the Chinese company that in record time has gone from unknown accessory manufacturer, to the world’s third largest mobile phone manufacturer and major supplier to the telecommunications operators networks, including TDC’s.

The name Honor is really not brand new, in its time, it was named as Huaweis between the class was awarded. Last year got Honor allowed to stand as an independent brand, with a special focus on the younger segments. Software, component-and design fall Apple, however, not much Huaweis-tribe.  Continue reading

Kurio 7S-the Perfect Tablet for Children?

Children must have their own tablet? So perhaps the answer is Kurio 7S-a child-friendly tablet at an affordable price.

When moving around in the cityscape, so you will see more and more young children sit with their heads down in their parent’s cell phone or tablet. Now you no longer need to “share” your phone or tablet with the kids for Kurio 7S is an Android tablet, which is suitable for children as young as 2 years.

With Kurio 7S, you don’t worry about what the kids get pressure on, because you can customize it with websites and applications the children have access to, as well as keep track of how many hours they play. Continue reading

Error Affected Component Inhibits the Production of iPhone 6S Plus

The great iPhone 6S Plus will be available only in limited numbers by the release in stores about 10 days after problems with the production of the phone.

Apple is affected by problems with the production of the big iPhone 6S Plus that was launched last week. It tells the well-informed analyst from KGI Securities, Apple- Ming-Chi Kuo, in a message to investors.

The slow production of just iPhone 6S Plus due to the fact that one of its vendors, Minebea, is affected by the problems. The company stands for the manufacture of the backlighting for the display panel, and with an agreement to stand for 60% of these to the production of iPhone 6S Plus, it goes hard, in addition to the availability of phone this sales start. Continue reading