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Beats Stops Cooperation with HTC

Beats Audio buys the remaining shares back from HTC for 265 million dollars and thus stops the cooperation.

Headphone manufacturer Beats buying the remaining 25 percent of their shares back from HTC and thus put an end to cooperation.

HTC tells that the Beats still will be an important partner, but doesn’t tell more about what consequences the breach gets. It is therefore unknown whether the Beats branding HTC has had will continue.
HTC is currently fighting a brave battle to have turned things around and created a surplus in the pub, on the other hand, storming forward and Beats have barely 60 percent of the market for premium headphones in the United States.

Firefox OS Has Spread to 13 Countries with More in Sight

Mozilla’s mobile operating system spreads rapidly among emerging markets with, among other things, our site as great support.

Units with Mozilla’s mobile platform can now be purchased in no less than 13 countries around the world. Back in October kicked Mozilla a wave of launches started in Germany and a number of latin American countries.

The last few weeks is Deutsche Telekom started to offer Firefox OS phones in countries like Hungary and Greece.

Our site is among the sponsors

Our site is a great support for phones with the HTML5-based operating system, among other things, they sell devices in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro, while at the same time they have announced that they plan to help Firefox us started in Asia in 2014.

While Mozilla focuses on the emerging markets to begin with, may be an obvious entrance to our site the Danish market and thus give us an alternative to the plethora of cheap Android phones we have.


Samsung Will Announce a Curved Smartphone Next Month

Samsung is expected to launch a smartphone with curved display next month, in the style of Youm prototype from CES this year.

The next big launch from Samsung will be a mobile with curved screen. The so far unnamed device should show up in Korea during the next month. Last we heard about a Samsung phone with bendable screen, was a prototype with 5.5 inch screen called Youm at CES trade show back in January.

Youm was in itself not flexible and the new entity will not be pliable but instead contain a curved OLED display. Screen on Youm stretched on to the side of the phone to display notifications along the side of the phone.


Qualcomm Toq Smart Clock Sold out the First Day

The chip manufacturer’s clock for Android has got off to a terrific start. Qualcomm takes bookings for the next delivery.

So the time has come for Qualcomm’s bid on a so-called “smartwatch”, there is a clock that works together with your smartphone wirelessly. The clock, which has just been put up for sale, says Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch. It writes our site.

More expensive than competitors
Danish prices is not yet published, but with 350 dollars is agency about 50 dollars more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Better screen and battery
Qualcomm markets Toq Smartwatch as ahead of the competition on screen and battery. The 1.55 “Mirasol display ensures that you can easily see what’s going on on the screen, even in sunlight.

The battery which is on 240mAh, should ensure more days of use between charges. In addition, Wireless charging Agency.

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch can be connected for Android devices with 4.0.3. ICS or later via Bluetooth 3.0.

The Social Democrats Fear Higher Mobile Prices

A new EU proposal to scrap the roaming rates within the EU, can mean higher mobile prices here at home feel the social democrats.

It should be so good-a new proposal from the EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, can mean a farewell to roaming charges within the EU.

Thus, consumers will get the same price, regardless of whether they are calling at home or in another EU country.

But the Socialist MEP Christel Schaldemose, fear that it might mean generally higher prices at home. Continue reading

New Honda Plant Is Powered by iPhone

The Japanese car manufacturer has just unveiled their new smart audio system with 7 “touch-display, working with Apple’s iPhone.

Overlooked area
Audio systems that is deeply integrated with features from our smartphones are not explored enough. It wants Japanese Honda to fix completely.

They have just announced a new “Display Audio” system which will be integrated into future Civic models in the new year. The same applies to the Honda Fit but first get the plant in 2015. It writes our site. Continue reading

Apple Must Be Forced to Use Micro-Usb

The EUROPEAN UNION will force Apple to use micro-USB, instead of their own lightning-connector for charging phones and iPads.

A universal charger that fits all mobile phones and tablets, should be introduced in order to reduce costs and waste.

It suggested the EU’s Committee of the internal telecommunications market last Thursday.

-“We call on the Member States and manufacturers to introduce a universal charger that should put an end to, among other things, cable clutter by mobile phones and tablets,” says Barbara Weiler from the European Parliament on Thursday in a press release.

With this proposal the EUROPEAN UNION apparently goes directly after American Apple, who as one of the only uses a different default a micro-USB.

Apple has most recently developed their lightning Jack, however, exists with an adaptor to the micro-USB.But it is apparently not enough for the EUROPEAN UNION, which will now legislate in this area.

VSCO Cam Finally Available on Android Play Large

Film-look and delicate shades are VSCO Cam characteristics-and then it’s free. Delicate colors and vintage look.
Where other photo applications either is generous with the filters, or has the social priority is VSCO Cam more addressed to the photographer, who want a more natural or subdued look. Therefore, VSCO as also been one of the most popular photo-apps on itunes. Today has finally found its way to Android’s app ecosystem.

VSCO Cam is about creating beautiful and natural images. VSCO avails itself of 10 presets (8 color and 2 black/white) to dispense as needed, as well as a number of editing tools. VSCO distinguishes itself by working with presets above to add the filters after the picture is taken.

VSCO Cam for Android will also have access to VSCO Grid -a minimalist online gallery where one’s mobile masterpieces can be portrayed. In fact, VSCO Cam identical with iOS version, and retains the same minimalist interface.

VSCO is free with Play Large, and can be run on most Android 4.0 + devices.



Samsung Galaxy 3 Booster Speed of Benchmark Measurements

Samsung’s Note 3 comes out with over-optimistic results in benchmark programs. Read here why.

In the geeky tech circles is there as always focus on benchmark measurements of smartphones, and previously was the Samsung revealed that put all the engines to full power on Galaxy S4, when a benchmark application was settled on the phone.

When the phone put themselves in overdrive, it also means that the often come out with better results than phones that don’t do this.

Now have our site thrown over Galaxy Note 3, which also allows full speed on the processor and chipset, when measurement programmes is executed. Continue reading

Now We Get a Reversible and Improved USB

2014 features a new and improved version of the USB connector we all know. A long number of years without the big innovation looks finally seem to be over.

As computers and mobile devices must be thinner and lighter, one may wonder why USB key have not seen the great development.

Type-C should increase the ease of use
Work has now begun on developing the next generation of the well-known connection named “Type C”. It writes our site.

The size will be roughly as we know it from the current Micro USB, as many smartphones use. Continue reading

Google Nexus 5-Specifications and Pictures Leaked

The rumors about the upcoming Nexus-mobile from Google are many, but now it is expected to be specifications leaked.

There is not yet anything official out on Google Nexus 5, but the rumors and speculation are many. It is expected that comes with a 4.97 inch display with 1080 p resolution and 442ppi, Snap dragon 800 quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, Android 4.4 KitKat and 16 GB internal memory. It writes our site.

Nexus 5 is expected to get an 8 megapixel camera and a 1.2 megapixels front camera.

In addition to this, the supposedly also have dual-band WiFi a/b/g/n/ac, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS.

Like its predecessor, the Nexus 4 is reported it also Nexus 5 supports Wireless charging and the battery should be at 2,300 mAh.

There is also leaked a new image, which you can view at our site.

It is expected that Google will presents Nexus 5 on 14 October.

Big Budgets Provide No Guaranteed Sale

Technology giants spend staggering sums on marketing. However, there is no guarantee that the results will come then.

Samsung Electronics Co. is expected this year to spend about 14 trillion dollars, which is equivalent to about 77 billion kroner on promotion and advertising. It writes our site.

The amount of telecommunications giant global advertising ensures, among other things, in cinemas, signage and for sports and arts events.

Use more than competitors
According to Reuters Data using Samsung larger portion of the annual income than any other company of the Top 20 list of sales. There is about advertising and promotion for 5.4% of their annual income. Continue reading

Humble Bundle 2 for Android Is out Now

Pay what you want for four Android games, and get two more if you pay more than the average.

The idea behind a Humble Bundle is that you can buy four games for a self chosen amount and choose how the money is to be distributed between the developers and charities.

Are you paying more than the average amount (right now 4.51 dollars-approximately 25 crowns) you get two additional games included in the package. Continue reading

LG G Flex Rolled out in Asia

LG G Flex flekser the muscles outside Korea-but Europe must wait a little longer.

LG Announces that their curved Warrior could be acquired outside home country Korea. Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand can expect to receive the already next week. Other Asian markets can expect to LG G Flex will be available before the new year. Thus is LG G Flex a step closer to being able to adopt Europe-but only after the new year.

G Flex has made himself noticed by his atypical contoured shape, which at the same time can be bent and twisted without taking much of an injury. Another notable feature by G Flex is its healing back, as another Wolverine, patch small scratches on the back.
Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy F-new Ultra Top Model

Rumors in the telecommunications industry will know that Samsung just now working on an ultra top model, Galaxy F, which may come at the beginning of 2014.

One of the hottest new rumors in the mobile industry comes from the Korean news site our site, and tells that the Samsung is on the road with a new ultra-premium Galaxy F-series that will run in parallel with the known Galaxy S series.

The first unit in the new F-series, is expected on the market, perhaps as early as the beginning of 2014, and will be a top loaded smartphone with updated design and full metal wrapping.

In addition, should the new phone get 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and an Octa-core Exynos processor, writes our site.

What are the specifications of the otherwise will get let the rumors do not know, but Galaxy F get probably a price tag that is very similar to the Galaxy Notes.