13 Plus Size Men’s Fashion Tips

Here at El Hombre  we are always giving fitness tips for the guys to stay in shape. But sometimes, because of the daily rush, we end up skidding on food, forget about exercise-and then, when we realize it, there are the extra pounds in our belly, so easy to win and so hard to lose. Then paint the question: how to dress well being chubby?

If this is your dilemma, today we have assembled the 13 fashion tips for plus size men. Ultimately, the key is to bring balance and shape to your silhouette, with parts that give you an impression that you are “big” instead of “fat.”

1 # Stopping Too Longer Clothes

To try to disguise the extra pounds, many men decide to wear loose clothing so that they do not mark the body. But this is a mistake, because the result is just the opposite. When you use a piece over your size, this widens the width and leaves you even larger. Not to mention you look sloppy.

2 # Do Not Use Tighted Clothes

Okay, if you should not wear loose clothing, does that mean the tight ones work better? Definitely not because they will emphasize your curves and draw attention to the fact that you are overweight.

3 # Then Adopt The Perfect Cure By Taking Your Clothes To Adjust

For fat men, the trim of clothing must always be perfect, for there is no room for error. Not even wide, not tight. The solution is simple. Buy parts that are right where you are bigger-usually in the abdomen – and take a tailor / dressmaker to adjust the areas where fabric is left, as is often the case in the sleeve or bar area. This whim will make all the difference in your look.

4 # Black Is Your Friend

You may have heard before that black helps to make your appearance look thinner. This is true. The reason? Black hides the shadows his curves do on his clothes. You can vary it by using also other strong tones, navy blue type or dark gray.

5 # Beware Of The Contrasts

When you are overweight, the idea is to put on a look that will make your body more elongated. One factor that does not help in this is the contrasting color blocks . Example? A dark jeans and a white T-shirt, because there your body is clearly divided into two parts. In this case, add a second layer on the top – it could be a blazer or a jacket – that looks similar to the bottom, to bring unity to the look.

6 # Use Structured Layers To Leave Your Body More In Shape

Since we talked about “layers” in the previous item, we will delve into the subject, right? Wearing a blazer or a structured jacket will make your body more fit. And what do I mean by “structured”? Simple: that is firm and highlights your shoulders, bringing a more square shape to the silhouette.

7 # Fuck The Full Fabrics

For a plus size man, getting away from thick fabrics is important for two reasons. First, they will make you even bigger. Second, chubby men tend to perspire more-and thick tissues can increase this discomfort.

8 # Avoid Flashing Prints And Bet On Simplicity

The mere fact that you are chubby already draws attention to your silhouette. Therefore, it is best to avoid very flashy prints, to get the focus of the body and to take to the face. Have you ever heard that simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication? Remember this maxim.

9 # Along Your Neck With The “V” Golf

Remember we talked before that lengthening the body will help you to become more stylish? Very well. The V-neck t-shirts create this effect by making your neck look longer, as well as balancing the round lines of your face with its straight shapes.

10 # Pay Attention To Posture

Every man should pay attention to the posture. But in the case of those who are plus size, this becomes even more important because if you stand upright, you will look slimmer and, as a bonus, pass a more confident image.

11 # Stripes? Only If You Are Vertical And Fine

This is a classic tip to disguise weight: use vertical stripes. The reason?The same one we have repeated several times throughout the text: they create an optical illusion that you are taller and therefore less fluffy. The horizontal stripes, on the other hand, have the opposite effect and fatten the person. But an important detail: even in the case of verticals, the ideal is to adopt thin stripes and discreet, not to get too flashy.

12 # Capriche In The Accessories

Calmly, capricious in accessories does not mean you should clog your look. The business is to wear a beautiful watch – or XXL sunglasses, scarf, purse, etc – that draws looks to its ends. So, no flashy belts, not to draw attention to your waist line.

13 # Look At The Occasion, Do Not Attempt To Hide Your Body At All Costs

To conclude, an important tip: dress up for the occasion. Do not try to hide your body at all costs, as some people do, for example wearing black pants, T-shirt and jacket on a sunny walk in the park. This will make you stand out in the environment – not in a positive way. With the topics we cover in this post, you have everything you need to dress well in any situation, without the need to use trickery.

And finally, remember that these councils do not need (and should not) be treated unconditionally. Sometimes you can break some rules and still create a cool look. Otherwise, your possibilities would be very limited. Do not be afraid to dare, just do it wisely.