12 Clothing and Equipment Tips for Winter Cycling

Bike culture: increasing numbers continuing to ride the bike all winter. Here you will find our best tips for correct armament, and the entire list of the most popular winter accessories.

More than ever who choose to extend their cykelpendlande into the cold and the dark part of the year. One fifth of Sweden’s population report that they are using the bike during the winter.

When the insurance company If asked how to choose to equip their bike for the winter, it turned out that sadelmuffen is the most popular accessory, 31 percent to sell such outside his saddle. 28 percent of winter cyclists say they use extra lighting. And on a shared 3rd place comes studded tires and reflectors.

Trafiksäkerhetsforskaren Irene Isaksson Hellman at If comments:

– Risk of accidents increases during the winter months. It gets dark early and snow and ice making the road slippery and impassable for cyclists. The use of helmets, lights and reflectors are especially important and studded tires are recommended. One-third of the riders doing nothing at all with the bike. This applies primarily to the youngest age group, those aged 18-29.

So we vinterrustar bikes, according to the survey.

Sadelmuff 31%
Extra lights 28%
Studded tires 17%
Additional reflectors 17%
Bicycle bag 7%
Other 3%
No 34%

12 tips for those who want to brave the cold, ice, snow and darkness:


Helmet -have a thin, warm hat that fits under your helmet
Chemical heat -Small heating pads to put in your hands
Reflective -reflective tape or reflective vest
Clothing -Underwear and shell clothing, such as vintage jersey


Lighting -white or yellow front, red rear
Reflections -white in front, red at the rear, yellow on sides and the wheels
Tires -studded tires are preferred for slippery road conditions
Mudguards -Sturdy fenders increases job satisfaction considerably
Clean cycle -Wash cycle regularly, vägsaltet destroys the bike
Bags -Pannier in waterproof material for change of clothes to work. It can be difficult to have a backpack when you have a lot of clothes on. we have written about bags for cycling former.
Bell -always a must but extra useful when it’s dark outside