10 Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

Very nice that you can see certain items in a shop window, we have to think primarily about its practicality, comfort and convenience when it comes to dress the baby.

My experience has taught me that there are clothes that we use very rarely because it is not practical to change it or because the baby feels uncomfortable with her.

For this reason, in addition to like us, it is important to follow some tips before you buy baby clothes including jeans. For example:

  • Incorporating automatic snaps (not plastic as they melt with the press). It is advisable that t-shirts have snaps at the neck and jeans have them in the crotch; It is much easier for to change them the diaper.
  • That the fabrics are smooth and easy to iron, preferably 100% cotton, especially if the baby is very small. Avoid hard tissue and wool losing lint.
  • Avoid waist with zipper and buttons in the garments of them newly born. Prefer the waist with elastic fabric that are better adapted and are sure to not tightening them.
  • Prefer adjustable waists. When they are older, pants with adjustable waist, those they bring an elastic band with buttons at the waist are ideal.
  • Think of the younger brothers. When we have two children or more same-sex (or not), we bought thinking of all possible users of the garment. They grow so fast that at least makes up we know that items will be double (sometimes triple) use.
  • Be sure that our baby has clothes that match what you are going to buy. This advice goes especially for parents who like to get away from the classic blue for boys and Pink for girls.
  • When they are babies born, choosing pants, rompers and pyjamas with included foot.
  • Prefer the onesies to t-shirts, especially in winter. They are always inside the pants/skirt and prevents to cool the tummy.
  • Shoes: for newborn infants, that they are warm (in winter), comfortable and cuddly. For the children, avoid cords; are preferred shoes with velcro that can put them and remove them themselves.
  • Socks: small or large as they may hurt them in the foot. In winter, buy them long knee-length, as in raising the baby pants rise and are the legs exposed.