10 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. However, with it also come many hormonal and bodily changes, and still some fears.

10 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

As such, it is important to know what not to say to a pregnant woman, since she is more sensitive. Check out 10 things not told to a pregnant woman.

10 things not told to a pregnant woman

“Can I feel the baby move?”
The pregnant woman is not always comfortable with having people less close to touching her belly.

“Sleep now, because later you will not be able to”
Having a baby is beautiful and wonderful, but it brings with it some inconveniences. It is normal in the first months to sleep less and have a lot of work, but the pregnant woman does not have to think about it now, but rather to be focused on the pregnancy. So do not ever repeat the same lengalenga, because she already knows that.

“Are you sure you want to have a normal birth?”
The doctor and the expectant mother are the people most qualified to make that decision, and as such, should avoid commenting on it.

“You really look like a mother!”
Pregnancy is a time to praise and not be constantly calling attention to the effects of tiredness and pregnancy on the woman’s body.

“After having children, the relationship with your husband is no longer the same”
It is natural that the arrival of a child changes many things in family life, but this is no reason for woman and husband to love less or be less in love. Simply the relationship evolves and gets stronger.

“You have already
gained a lot of pounds?” Gestation is a time when a woman naturally gains weight, but one of the gravest fears of the pregnant woman is to put on too much weight and then regain her old weight. So avoid talking about weight with her.

“Are you seven months old already? She’s going to be born? “
Guessing when she’s born will not help, because if she still misses a lot she’ll think she’s put on too much weight, and if she does not have enough, she’ll start worrying if she should not have been born.

“I know cases where the baby died in childbirth.” 
I think it’s easy to see why phrases like these do not tell a pregnant woman.

“Can you eat it?”
Nowadays, all pregnant women are accompanied by a doctor, who explains to them what they should and should not eat and drink. She knows, so she does not need to be asking and controlling what she eats.

“What a strange name”
The choice of a name is something very personal, and that often have a meaning behind. As such, the choice must be respected without derogatory comments.