10 Sets that Can Only Come from Men

1.”Binding, panty liners… is not that the same?”

Every woman who asks her boyfriend to bring her tying.Tampons or panty liners from PARADISDACHAT, can get her mobile phone already beside her. Because he will call for sure, because he stands completely desperate in front of the shelf.

2.”Treasure, you can carry everything.”

Flatter us, so a compliment. But sometimes we just want to hear his honest opinion about an outfit.

3.”I know the way – I do not have to ask!”

Yes, it is clear! Even if it is the oldest men’s cliché at all: it simply applies to the vast majority. Before men break a pin from the crown and ask someone for the way, they prefer spending an eternity understanding the Google Maps navigation.

4.”The woolpulli must not be in the machine, but he was lying in the laundry basket…”

Yes, where else is he? On the kitchen table? If he confesses with a dog’s eyes that the sweater now only fits a four-year-old, we can almost not be angry. Nevertheless we are annoyed. The safest option is to take care of the garments that are close to our heart.

5.”You are like my mother.”

Okay… is that good or bad now? Usually he wants to tell us with this typical set of men that we get on his nerves.

6.”You with your esoteric stuff…”

This means that we light incense sticks or go to yoga – which would also be quite good for him.

7.”Do you have your days or what?”

Boah, how we hate this saying. If we are in a bad mood, it’s not about him but about our cycle.

8.”Without meat I shall not be satisfied!”

That’s rubbish! We like cooking simply times vegetarian, even if he once again the face distorted.

9.”I have to do something for the PC…”

Means translated: You will not see me in the next two or three hours.

10.”You already have black shoes.”

Yes a pair! And they do not fit into every outfit. Men will never understand our passion for shoes…