10 New Applications That We Can Give to the Fabric Softener

Meet the new utilities that you can give to your fabric softener

Today develaremos a few secrets that will be very useful on alternative uses that has the fabric softener.

This product, as used in the home to make each garment, impeccable turns out to be excellent for helping us in the household cleaning. Let’s look at 10 new applications that we can give to the fabric softener, you’ll be surprised as I to see such good results and the rich aroma that leaves, indeed this is more durable than any other air freshener.
I invite us to share your home cleaning tips, then you leave mine 🙂

10 New Applications That We Can Give to the Fabric Softener

1.soften the remains of food stuck in pots or pans

Places hot water into the pans and a little fabric softener to get remainders of food shed without having to scrape pans.

2. for cleaning floors

Dilute fabric softener in a water bucket Cap. This trick allows floors to have a brilliant touch and an aroma that will endure for a long time, but neglected, because you will not leave your floors slippery.
3.-helps to smooth wallpaper

Simply dilute fabric softener in hot water and apply with a sponge. Then you scrape the paper. You will notice that it detaches completely.

4.-to soften the mobile carpet

Dilute fabric softener in 2 liters of water cover ½. It applies on the carpet and rub with latex or cleaning gloves.

5.-glass cleaner

Diluted 1 teaspoon of fabric softener in ½ litre of water and place mixture into a spray bottle or Spray. Clean glasses or crystals with this product, use a roll of newspaper.
6.-to remove static electricity.

1 fabric softener lid placed in a spray bottle with water. Then use on clothes to remove static cling.

7.-to perfume the curtains. You can also use this trick with the same spray bottle that you have prepared in the previous step.

8.-to clean the bathroom. You must use a little fabric softener mixed with alcohol (1 part fabric softener and 3 parts of spirit) . Cleans tile, toilet, etc. You will see that the perfume is stronger than other traditional cleaning products.

9.-the polishes

Place 1 teaspoon of fabric softener along with another teaspoon of alcohol and applied to furniture. Do a test on a hidden area to make sure that the product does not change the color of the furniture.

10.-to remove the smell of humidity or closure of furniture, trunks, etc. Place 1 teaspoon of vinegar Apple and 1 top of fabric softener with ½ liter of hot water. Mix in a spray bottle and use on a daily basis up to remove the smell of humidity or closure.

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