10 Fashion Tips for the New Year

With the arrival of the new year many of us are thinking about how to renew your wardrobe to face the 2016 starts and all we need are some good fashion tips. But with so much advice floating around the Internet, it can be difficult to choose which tips focus our attentions.

10 Fashion Tips for the New Year

Follow the trends or define your own sense of style?
As a gift to you, dear readers, we split up some tips by and have compiled a list for you to use this year. They are practical and easy to learn.
So, welcome to 2016, and you to be our most fashionable of all year!

Know your body

Among the main fashion tips is the knowledge in the own body. Meet your measurements before you buy your new clothes. This tip isn’t going to help you just in time to save time proving the pieces, as will help you choose clothes that enhance your physical type. Among the main measures that you need to know are the torso, shoulders, hips and waist.

Avoid buying clothes too tight and too wide

Harmony and balance are the key words. Dress up for your size does not mean just avoid clothes that are too tight to her wardrobe. It also means that you should not wear clothes that are too loose. Both will make you look tacky.

Tips on fashion and comfort

Sometimes we’re tempted to sacrifice comfort for fashion, but that is wrong. It is possible to find clothes and shoes that stay well and don’t hurt us. Check EBIZDIR for online shopping reviews. Leaving the comfort of hand can be a waste of money, as you run the risk of not using more the part that bothers you.

Organize your closet

This can be one of the most important fashion tips from the list: organize! This way you will be able to see what you have and what you actually use. Separate the clothes by clothing. Find out what can be folded neatly and what needs to be hung. Make sure that you get the right hangers for shirts, skirts and pants.
Use storage shelves to store your bags and underwear and invest in a shoe rack.

Invest in good iron clothes

An iron quality is a necessity. With it, you ensure the safety of their clothes and prevents them from spoiling. Look for an iron with settings that allow the straightening of deeper folds, but is gentle enough to not burn the tissues.

Organize your jewelry

Keep all your jewelry and costume jewelry in a jewelry box. You run less risk of losing them that way. Your jewelry not only will be easier to be found, as you will remember all the pieces. So, you’re not going to spend money on what you don’t need. In addition, their jewelry and costume jewelry will last much longer when they are protected.

DOE pieces that you no longer use

This is one of those “fashion tips” that everyone knows, but avoids practice. Stop accumulating! If you did not use certain pieces of clothing recently, you probably won’t use. To help determine what are these parts, if you make the following questions:

  • Do you like the color, the cut and the fabric of this piece?
  • Do you feel comfortable to use it?
  • She still fits in you?
  • Stains or holes can be repaired?
  • You can use this in more than one place?
  • It can be combined with other pieces that I have?
  • When was the last time I wore this outfit?

If you do not sit well with some clothes, you’re probably not okay with her

Your confidence is affected by what you wear, as sad as that may seem. So, if you have any doubt as to its appearance in certain clothes, you should switch to one in which you feel good and beautiful!

Invest in beautiful pajamas

You used one of their best clothes all day, why don’t you stay beautiful also at bedtime? The clothes you wear in bed to scream comfort, but that doesn’t mean you need to use large parts and torn. Experts say that when you feel beautiful (with their pajamas), you can even sleep better. It’s all about self-confidence.

Make lists

If you love clothes, the lists are your best friends. Besides making you buy only what you need, they will make you save a lot of time shopping.