10 Essential Accessories for Modern Man

Hey, guys, are you all right?

Let’s talk about a very interesting subject here today.
About modern man or current man, as you want to call, we live a crazy run, we need to be in several places on the same day, it’s work, school, college, Reunion, Happy Hour, graduation, wedding, barbecue, travel. And how do you dress for all this? Can our pocket hold? Well, it’ll hold if you keep the same outfits with different looks, with different compositions! Let’s see…
I’ll give you a quick example:
If you have a white shirt, you need to go to a more formal meeting, put a necktie, a nice belt, that the visual is already par for the corporate world, but after that meeting, you go straight to college? Take off the tie, roll up the sleeve, let the bracelets show up, open the first button and get your backpack, that look already looks more casual. Anyway, did you get a little understanding of the concept?
1) backpack or male purse
Old backpack, torn, falling apart, no more condition, huh, guys? A Backpack or a nice male purse can change a visual, can complete the look or even be featured in production. and a versatile accessory option serves to go to work, to go to a course, for a weekend trip, anyway, it’s too worth investing in 1 or 02 backpacks of respect!
Tip of Pheareak:
A) Black backpack
b) Backpack Key Design bag Light Grey
Follow the same idea of the backpack, often we don’t even care about our wallet, we leave it full of stuff, money, note, card, all torn, dirty. Lmagine you taking her out of your pocket on a date, to buy a client coffee, for a friend, can’t, right? It’s worth investing in a good wallet, which meets everyday needs.
Tip of Pheareak:
A) Hugo Boss’s wallet
b) Portfolio Key Design Wallet Black
c) Panamby Coffee card holder
That, for me, is an accessory that has no way to go without, I use clock every day for any occasion. If I leave without being wearing a watch, it looks like I’m naked. Not to mention that you can transform a basic look, without grace, in a very well balanced production, with highlight, focus, main part, finally, watch is life, Oh!! If it is! I know why I have several…
Tip of Pheareak:
A) Watch Carl J Sund (new brand in Brazil)
For those who like a watch with more minimalist details, this is ideal for you. Discreet, contemporary lines. And I take here to leave you my lunch: BRAGLOBFASH and earn 10% discount on the whole site.
B. Tayroc Clock
This watch is arguably the most minimalist I’ve ever encountered, fantastic, pretty thin metal bracelet, elegant and chic. It’s worth the personal investment.
c) Timex Digital Sporting Heritage Watch
For those who like a more stripped without leaving the traditional.
5) Belt
For more formal production, you can’t wear an old belt, peeling, all marked. If the belt will be apparent, it needs to be aligned with your look, or even if it will not be featured in the look, 1 hour or another it will appear. Then it’s worth the investment.
Tip of Pheareak:
A) Oriba double-sided belt
b) Belt Matte leather Coffee
c) Belt Key Black belt Design
6) Necktie
Not just for a wedding, a church, a graduation or a 15-year-old party, but the necktie is a masculine accessory that can be part of our day to day Yes, how about a meeting? Or else to go to work and differentiate a little the look, with a well-aligned slim tie, stamped or colored.
Tip of Pheareak:
A) Black Slim geometric tie
b) Red Checkered Slim tie
7) Sunglasses
You don’t even have to talk, right? Can you live without sunglasses? I can’t, Rs. In addition to protecting against sunrays, it may be the highlight part of your look, you can complete the look very well. And it’s an accessory for every occasion, right? For outdoor events, you will always be able to use it, according to the model.
Tip of Pheareak:
A) RAYBAN aviator style sunglasses
b) more checkered chilli beans sunglasses.
c) Yeva wooden Starwood Bamboo Brown Sunglasses
8) Necklaces
I wear a lot of necklace on my day to day, especially when I wear a basic T-shirt, it’s almost obligation for me to put this accessory to complete a production. It can also well balance the look, help lengthen the visual or soften the region of the neck. A very versatile accessory option, saw \o
Tip of Pheareak:
A) paste Key Design Gross
b) GK (Koech) suede with cross gold Nickel medal
c) Necklace Key Design Ivy Rose Gold
9) Bracelets
Bait the option to complete and highlight in the look, another item that I do not live without, I think it balances the region of the fists very well.
Tip of Pheareak:
A) GK Corino bracelet with silver nickeld detail
b) Kit Key Design Earth Style
c) Leather Bracelet
10) Keychain
And to close this TOP 10, that list of indispensable masculine accessories, we have the locksmith, plus one item that often