10 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

You have no ability to do elaborate hairstyles?

Don’t have the time?

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Want to have a sophisticated look, but with easy hairstyles?

Don’t worry! Let’s take ten simple hairstyles tips and will take very little of your time.

Meet the easy hairstyles for long hair

1. Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most classic hairstyles easy and versatile. It can be made both to go to the gym as well as a more sophisticated event.

In addition, the ponytail allows some variations. You can hold it up high and add volume in front to give a retro air; You can leave the loose fringe of hand, or forward if you have Franklin; the tail can be lower, on the side. Anyway! Easy and versatile is our favorite hairstyle, isn’t it?

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2. side Braid

In recent years the braid back with everything and the lateral braid is also one of the easy hairstyles that turned Darling in recent trends.

The lateral braid gives a romantic air to the look and also allows some variations. You can make it more correctly, or more loose and messy for a relaxed air.

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3. high Bun or Knot Top

Best known for designers like “top knot”, the Coke high was chosen as favorite hairstyle of celebrities recently.

This is one of the easy hairstyles that can be used for more formal events, as for most practical situations, as for example, a bad hair day.

To achieve the look is easy, make a bun on the top of the head and if your long hair is very choppy and some wires, just fix them with Hairspray.

4. Broken down beside

This hairstyle is easy, but less versatile. The Next hair is recommended for more formal situations such as parties, weddings and graduations.

To arrest him in the back, use hairpins and Barrettes that can be easily hidden by hair. You can also use a fastener to keep the fixed hair on one side only.

5. simple Bun

The Coke has no secret. I believe that every woman born knowing. But you can increment it depending on the occasion. You can do it on the side, looser, firmer, you choose. But it is undeniable that the Coke is one of the most beloved easy hairstyles that exist.

6. braid Tiara

Also ideal for long hair, braid tiara may seem difficult, but actually, integrates the list of easy hairstyles.

To do so is just separate one lock side of the hair with the thickness that you want to make the braid. Done, it’s just going to the other side of the head and hold the wick with a clip behind the ear.

7. side Braids prey

Still on the list of braids, the two side pigtails stuck behind also give a romantic air to the visual and are champions of late night games to do.

Part two Wicks in the fringe, one on each side, make thin braids and attach the back with some cute little clip. Simple and sophisticated.

8. all Hair back

You want easy hairstylestips, but do not have any ability to make them simple. We have the solution.

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Make a flat iron to Let the hair smooth, throw it all back and secure with gel and Fixer. The look is chic and you’ll be ready to go to any party.

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9.60 Years

To get that retro look of the years 60, with the back of the hair , the process is easy.

The middle of the head, separate a good portion of hair horizontally. This mecha, apply enough fixative and then shred with a fine-tooth comb. Then just let go and fix it with the own comb. To increment it, put on some track or tiara.