10 Amazing Designs Using Wood and Glass

Be it rustic or minimalist, wood and glass combination can be the perfect formula for a successful project.

10 Amazing Designs Using Wood and Glass

Meet the following 10 amazing projects of architecture that unite wood and glass:

Alfred Street Residence | Studio Four

Melbourne, Australia

An old Victorian house was renovated by the studio and became a clean house. The choice of materials such as glass and oak wood was intentional to enlarge environments, since the first promotes greater input light. Furthermore, the palette of bright colors would help strengthen this feeling.

The entire layout of the house was rethought, since the original was not very functional. An internal courtyard, the living room was concentrated in the center of the house highlighting the huge collection of books and a new floor was created to accommodate the dorms was created. Despite the clean and minimalist design, some Victorian details have been kept, such as liners and stops. The complete project in Necessaryhome.

Loft Bauhaus | Ana Paula Barros

Brasilia, Brazil

Inspired by the famous Glass House by Mies van der Rohe, the project makes a link between the Bauhaus and four of the five points of modern architecture: free plan, pilotis, free facade and windows band. While the straight lines and clean architecture are present in architecture, natural and organic elements give warmth and hospitality, as moledo stone panel weaving a mesh of iron and wood.

The environment consists of a large living room or home or dining room, which also assumes the function balcony, plus a kitchen and a bedroom with bathroom and spa. The atmosphere was suspended from the floor 60 cm to avoid contact with the ground and infiltrations and facilitate the passage of wiring and sewage, as well as helping the environment ventilation, making it cooler in an environmentally sound manner, without the need for an air conditioner. the complete project in the portfolio of our site.

Post Ranch Inn | Mickey Muennig (92) + Vladimir Frank (08)


Opened in 1992 Muennig based his work on organic architecture, which aims to create harmony between nature and around the structure. Currently the hotel is famous for sustainable tourism and the spectacular view. Its architecture is composed in majority by reclaimed redwood, stone, steel and glass.

The interiors were designed by Janet Gay Freed, offering a rustic and cozy style, in addition to inspiring view through the glass panels. But one of the sites that draws more attention to the hotel is the fourth 39, which seems to emerge from the cliffs, meandering around ancient trees. The complete project.

Glass/Wood House | Kengo Kuma & Associates

Connecticut, EUA

The first project in North American territory of the Tokyo office was challenging: to renew a precious and symmetrical modern design of the 1950s Incidentally, the house had been renovated twice, and some of the changes were increased ceiling height, the exchange of wood decayed by stainless steel columns and creating a ladder protected by glass.

Desiring to reform certain areas of the house (and taking advantage of the damage caused by a tree that fell on the roof), customers called Kuma. The architect designed a new wing transparent L-shaped with the interior virtually all open, also creating a balcony. Although some changes were made ​​in the original house, like the kitchen of removing the first owner of the house and adding a glass walkway. The complete project here.

Glass + Wood | Hamada Design

Shiga, Japan

From the customer’s request, the building should be a visual landmark in the main road entrance Shiga. The first floor houses a beauty salon, the second an office and roof terrace with wooden deck.

The architect says that the choice of wood throughout the building is due to the environment and energy consumption, while the glass the landscape of the local mountains. In addition, the building support has been exposed as a form of anti-seismic construction, which is extremely important in Japanese territory. The complete project.

H2OUSEBOAT | Myitr Malcew

The houseboat developed by Malcew can be transported anywhere you want, provided it is at sea.The architect says his proposal is for people who enjoy the freedom and nature at your door. The interior can be further modified according to customer needs.

Wrapped all with a balcony, the house has two bedrooms and bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen with a bar, all rooms providing an incredible view of the aquatic world around. But privacy was not left aside: the glass walls can be covered up with wood sliding panels. The complete project.

Far Pond Residence | Bates Masi Architects

New York, USA

The client wanted the project to maintain the house of the 1970s, but doubling its size. Thus, the architect has identified the personality of the house, creating a dialogue with the system to be added, which uses prefabricated elements in order to address structural and spatial problems.

Furthermore, these elements, such as panels, gained a function besides the function: aesthetic, since they would be exposed. Sustainability was exploited to simplifying the essential components of the house and eliminate typical construction waste. The complete project.

Kindergaten Susi Weigel | Bernardo Bader

Bludenz, Austria

Named after the Austrian illustrator and children’s author, the project features a quiet presence in the interior of pale concrete and acacia wood. Some colors are punctuated, like blue and yellow, the decorative details.

The two floors of the complex exploit light and visibility between environments through glass panels, which coexist with the exposed concrete structure. The wood of the interior is also present in darker shades on the facade. The complete project in our site.

Spa House | Metropolis Design

Cape Town, South Africa

The architecture of this residence draws the attention of any of the originality. Wood and glass were joined to create an expressive design, a fact that also received help by the presence of the pool and spa.

The design intent was to capture the scenic beauty of the landscape, incorporating to it the nature of water. The highest design of the facade is intended to block the summer gale to get in the pool. It also promotes a sense of privacy and security to customers while in the area of recreation and relaxation. The complete project here.

Hawthorn House | Chan Architecture

Victoria, Australia

The architect’s challenge was to renew and expand a Victorian house, striking architecture style that created a symmetrical and divided by a corridor residence. The first measure taken was to separate the old new space by inserting a box lined black wood, which brought a visual break between environments, beyond a certain drama to the design.

The living area is open to the backyard, letting light and ventilation enter the environment close to nature. The palette of the interior material has been carefully selected to provide softness and warmth to the cleaner lines of the design. Plywood ceiling and light colored wood floors complete the project.