The Stockings of Discord!

Today’s post is controversial. So get ready!

Use white long socks pulled up to the knee (or in the middle of cinnamon) with outfits is a  dangerous combination, but that has become very popular among the girls who attend the academies and sharing opinions.

The devotees claim that the stocking is more a matter of usefulness than sets.In a way, they protect cinnamon from friction with the devices and leggings, and helps give a little spitfire when it’s colder. OK … until then I agree. There is useful, but even so, it’s still ugly! RS does not roll down it when out of the Academy or something!?

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10 Fashion Tips for the New Year

With the arrival of the new year many of us are thinking about how to renew your wardrobe to face the 2016 starts and all we need are some good fashion tips. But with so much advice floating around the Internet, it can be difficult to choose which tips focus our attentions.

Follow the trends or define your own sense of style?
As a gift to you, dear readers, we split up some tips by and have compiled a list for you to use this year. They are practical and easy to learn.
So, welcome to 2016, and you to be our most fashionable of all year!

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Country Style Decorating Ideas for Apartments

What irritates people to set up their own home in country style-even far away of village landscapes? Why choose a device, consisting of a wardrobe in solid wood, checkered linen in pastel colors and a nostalgic wall clock? Who knows, maybe you can also subject all the current home trends are just discovering this for themselves?

Professional, children, household and all the things that flow anew for us each day-the life of today seems ever more hectic and fast paced, complex and increasingly by other things than us to be self-determined. What we want is a break, a place of relaxation and deceleration. For many people, the image of the house in the country is somewhere in the country, the symbol of this very place where a break from everyday life is possible and where fresh air, light heartedness, deceleration and relaxation await us. But as beautiful as the life in the country sounds to let our things overnight behind us and to move into a nice country villa in the countryside, but we in most cases simply not possible.With the right Lighting, furniture and accessories, it is not even necessary to pull themselves into the country-because with proper means and only a few simple steps, we can easily possible to bring the country house to our house and every however small town homes to transform into the personal Landhausvilla.

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Looks to Rock!

Good day my heart Divas!!!

They are all in love today? RS

Well, I know it’s short notice, but there’s still time!

Valentine’s day is the day on which the woman needs to feel beautiful and powerful. And that is the day that our boyfriends/husbands/rolled more love display us and say that we are of them! Lol …

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Fashion from Globo Novels 2016

What most influences fashion in 2016 the populace in Brazil? He said sure who spoke Novela Globo, if the eight then, where it makes the head of women, ah men and children.

Who does not remember the executive Helo Salve Jorge super copied the streets of our Brazil. And Mary Jane, little baby daughter Valdirene in love life, which launched the fashion for hair fachinhas for babies with very big one flower next?

But fashion does not stop at clothes. Several cuts and hair color trend seen after appearing in the novel. The redhead Marina Ruy Barbosa was inexhaustibly requested in the halls at the time of the soap opera Love of Life. It was a red in the natural tone, the more difficult to achieve, and therefore the most desired.

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How to Clean Cotton Tablecloth

Artificial fibers contain pulp and are often mixed with other fibers such as cotton. A silk and cotton cloth requires special care to prevent the fabric from tearing or shrinking. Most types of silk blends become weak when wet, but some mixtures of silk can withstand lighter than the chute. Read the care label on the tablecloth, to determine the safest method of cleaning. Care label indicates if you can wash silk by hand, put it in the washing machine or take it to the dry cleaners.
Things You’ll Need
a mild detergent

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Children’s Fashion and Feminine

Yesterday was day hitting legs in Aquidauana (MS), have you seen? Who join us on Facebook and Instagram could already give a little bit of what happened there. Week was hectic, huh? But we were very happy with all this running, after all work is synonymous with success and if there’s one thing that doesn’t live in our little bodies is that laziness!  For who doesn’t know, Aquidauana is 140 km from the capital Campo Grande and is known as the “Portal do Pantanal”, since the city is the home of the southern Pantanal-mato Grosso and has varied biodiversity. Think of a good town, charismatic and super hospitable people we love!!! We were invited by the dear Mirelli Basu Days and Max Bashir Days, partners-shop’s proprietary, to participate in the cocktail of spring/summer launch of child and female adult collections. It was very nice, love the invitation! We we receive the customers, we made new friends, met a lot of readers of the blog and help women to choose these looks according to the style of each.

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Gaucho Clothes: Photos, Looks, Pictures, Tradition

Talk about gaucho clothing is talking about history. Beholder photos of typical dress parties as pilcha or bombachinha may find it strange even by style not used in the hottest cities in the northeast. But with the typical clothes of the region, used at parties as the Oktober Fest, we have a great history lesson on the streets. A real journey into the past by a closet.

Some say that Rio Grande do Sul is a region of Brazil. The territory located at the end of the map (or early, depending on your point of reference) has in its history of colonization several migration cycles, so many cultures the form. We have a settlement in cycles according to the history of Europe, as the coming of the Jews here fleeing the Holocaust, the Germans in search of a new land for riches in the great German depression after the first war, or Italians in search of land fertile for crops like coffee.

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Cliff Notes Milan Fashion Week

Lost something? We’re here to tell you what happened to warm in more traditional fashion week in the world.

The Milan fashion week presented collections of versatile and since democratic explosion of Dolce & Gabbana’s prints, the proposal take from Ferragamo, which were not lacking were different style options for inspiration. In order to upgrade its radar fashion with the best fashion Milan, the website gathered here 5 trends that promise to shake up the structures for spring or summer 2016.

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Clothing of Gothic Fashion

The Gothic style is one of the oldest and most persistent in the fad for both the young and the old. Are teenagers, especially the British, the biggest fans of Gothic fashion to use on a daily basis. You do not need a motivation to use, much as Gothic clothing represents much more than just a way of dressing.

The Gothic fashion comes from a very remote time, beginning in the twelfth century in France. Just as it is fashionable today, the Gothic origin is to go against the classic romantic fashion, in which the beautiful has perfect features and bright colors are more beautiful. It was a very significant artistic movement in Europe and based on the grotesque, bizarre. Many sculptures of the time placed in the church of tops is to image the gargoyles, mythical figures of darkness and considered ugly for several years. It is a form of expressive art well.

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Different Types of Table Lamps

Whether as a reading lamp on the bedside table, as little additional light source on a side table in the living room, as a light accent on the window sill or as a decorative object on the dresser: Table lamps can be integrated at different locations in the device.

However, they do not compete with the natural daylight or with the ceiling lamp and floor lamp.Instead, table lamps autonomous islands of light that look decorative and contribute to the pleasant and cozy atmosphere in a room.

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Cliff Notes São Paulo Fashion Week

Slept in and missed the point that rolled of hotter in SPFW? Don’t worry!

The season sets in Sao Paulo, which marked the return of the event to the biennial’s Ibirapuera building, was well diversified in terms of creativity. Had between 1000 things, Gloria Coelho making references to Game Of Thrones, Ronaldo Fraga and Amapô proving that the tendency of agênero clothes without gender distinction, came with everything and promises, and the mood, that conversation very well with our future (2016 Olympics, remember?) it’s a straight shot. We have selected some highlights!

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São Paulo Fashion Week 2013

Fashion is present everywhere, whether in clothing, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, decorating, painting, or anything else, one way or another you need to follow the trends, and always according to what you are currently using. There is no one person dictates fashion, actually are several heads together throw some trends that will be responsible for creating rules regarding what to wear.

Of course you are free to use, however not everyone thinks so, and many of them prefer to follow the latest trends in order to be always well dressed and in accordance with the fashion of the moment. So, there are parades that take place all over the world, including in Brazil, as in the case of the São Paulo Fashion Week.

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Copy the Makeup Lily James

The young actress who recently starred as Cinderella on the big screen choose a light and elegant makeup. A soap and water but effective style. How copy?

Lily James is the young actress who a few months ago we saw at the cinema in the shoes of the famous Cinderella, a simple girl, with blond hair and pale skin. But removed the princess shoes what are your choices in terms of makeup? Lily James prefers nude look is on the eyes either on the lips, only in rare cases daring (as on the red carpet) with bright eye shadows and vampy lips.

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Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion week closed a further cycle of international fashion calendar. While warm up the engines for the Brazilian season, come see the best French fashion trends.

To set the spring summer Paris, we can talk about romance and comfort. The first, with lots of ruffles and transparencies (look them up again). And the second, by modeling looser, comfortable shoes and a multitude of dresses that look like sweaters. The list of trends that only a week as Paris can provide. There are 5 of them. Check out.

The Must-Have Dress

Balenciaga, which put the white for shine on the runway, Céline, with the elegance of lace and Yves Saint Laurent, with a mood rock, gave preview of season dress model, which has everything to do with the sweater. Of fine fabrics, like silk or satin, comes in that mixture between sexy and carefree.

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Fashion Geek and Nerd

The nerds then found their peers and were joining, forming groups and even subdividing. The geeks are nerds connected in comic books, science fiction movies and video games games.

And the desire to stand out and be exalted as nerds, or more specifically as geeks is that emerged specific clothes and accessories for them, is the geek fashion and geek fashion, to encompass everyone.

The best part of the geek and nerd fashions is that usually only own nerds understand the patterns and models of clothes.

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How to Put on Makeup

The birthday is a special day, because the absolute protagonists are you! We propose three different make up to feel comfortable and be impeccable!

That trascorriate family, with friends or with your him, the birthday is always special.Because it is “your” day. And the emotion that tells you is unique.

Because it is perfect in every detail, we suggest you to UnaDonna three make up to feel even more beautiful and enjoy every moment with the certainty of having an impeccable style!

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Cliff Notes London Fashion Week

We have compiled the fashion’s maesycwmmer. Daring to dramatic ruffles rents, here are the pieces that will make you want to invest in the spring wardrobe.

In London there is time to grab the heavy coat, prepare your boots and get ready for winter. Here in Brazil, on the other hand, the heat is already giving the guys (by the way, welcome, spring!) and it seems that isn’t going away anytime soon. With the eye alive in international fashion, we all will be trend in stations there from afar, conveying the ideas for the territory and the Brazilian temperatures. Front: the season is full of delicacy with pinches neon. At the very least, interesting. Want to see more? Just scroll down the page!

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Fashion Surf Women Online

I love the passion this season! After all we can take the shorts of the closet, put the legs out with that miniskirt, get a bronze, are colors, colors, many colors, it is the most joyful time of year. Check out the best of the female surf fashion!

The fashion Surf is all. Despite the name , you do not have to be a surfer to use such parts, just to play in the colors, the floral prints and light and freshly baked tissues. Open sandals and rasteirinhas are always a good choice. And the gladiator sandals that are coming back also combine too with this weather. The strap blouses never go out of fashion for the summer, and bring with them a watercolor of colors and models.

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Makeup Tricolor

White, red and green: the colors of Italy also arrive in make up, for a makeup themed World Cup 2014.

The World Cup in 2014 have finally arrived, why not cheer Italy even with a make-up tricolore? White, red and green: test all products for eyes, lips, face and hair, creating a perfect make-up inspired by the colors of our national flag, maybe following the suggestions of our tricolor makeup tutorial .

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