Miley Cyrus: T-shirt With Heidi Klum

Miley Cyrus is a girl who loves to be the center of attention, as well as show off his mini-mini shorts this time also wore a t-shirt with a famous photo of Heidi Klum, one of the highest paid supermodels in the world that just a few months ago became a mother again. Miley Cyrus has fun and at the bottom also makes us entertained at the lowest price, is the idol of young girls, is the dream come true and dream is good, to believe that everything can change makes it more enjoyable even the usual routine daily. We see Miley Cyrus look because Miss is branded from head to toe!

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Yamamay Summer Catalogue

Yamamay, swimwear Summer 2014 . The brand is preparing to leave us speechless with a colorful summer proposal, immortalized in images of the advertising campaign shot in Cancún. Yamamay has always focused on a youthful style, frizzate and glamorous, with an eye to the coolest trend of the moment and the other in the most personal and original touches. The result are unique collections that do not know how to go unnoticed.

Yamamay delights us through every year with vibrant collections and often very daring, you can just go back to browsing the catalog of the proposed 2013-2014 autumn winter of the brand to understand it. With warm weather finally upon us, the brand renews the ranks of its products with a line of swimwear fresh bathroom and lively, perfect to accommodate the tastes of all the modern fashion victims, especially those who adore amaze wearing distinctive and original garments.

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Elegant Dresses for Weddings

Dresses to go to a wedding we show you today are really beautiful and elegant, which is going to look very good and you will be fabulous in this important invitation, in which insurance you’ll steal more than one look. To go to a wedding you can use the short dresses as well as the long, there is no problem in this aspect since both types of dresses are very elegant. If you decide on the short dresses you must not forget modern accessories and if you like best to wear a long dress, it is essential to use high-heeled shoes.


The fabrics that make it a more elegant dress are the tulle, silk, etc (see Shoppingpicks). At the same time that they do see thin and light. There are unique designs inspired by the Greek ladies and the Roman patrician. The best of this type of fabric is that any of them who use them will see fine, elegant and distinguished.

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Makeup Tips for Black Skin

There is no question the power and allure of black skin, which is naturally beautiful and full of vitality, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a make-up, and thus further enhance its features, but the fact is that many women are afraid to put on makeup, to dare, or don’t know any tricks to fix, brighten and uniform skin tone without sounding masked and that’s what we’re going to show you here and now, tips and tricks to get a make perfect in black fur.

The truth is that the secret to make for black women is quite simple, it’s in the correct choice of the tones of the products. Colorful correctives, two base types, Golden and shadows intense Illuminators are the most appropriate choices.

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro: the Review

By itself, the tablet Lenovo Yoga are products different from others. They have that spanciatura with inside the batteries, have a kickstand for more support and are all unbalanced outwards to be kept better with one hand. Lose portability and light weight compared to the standard, but when it comes to using them at home, in the Office, indoors, are second to none.
Imagine an approach so special now combined with a mini-Beamer, an aluminum frame and skin, and to a soundbar with 4 JBL speakers ready to shoot you in the face a volume over the top. Here, you get an idea about Yoga Tab 3 Pro, top of the line Android. Continue reading

Nail: Nail Art And Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Progress comes to us for the care of hands and nails with semi-permanent nail polish reconstructions and applications. Even those who gnaws his nails to the bone or just could not grow them, now has the opportunity to show off a perfect manicure! Have always taken care of the hands is not easy, costs great endeavor and above all a lot of money, if then everything our commitment fades the moment when we have the enormous misfortune to loose one, then, give me a peak of hysteria!

Going down into technical details, the reconstruction of gel nails provides for Tip (pieces of plastic that are added to the length of the nail) with a subsequent application of the gel, or simply the latter if you have the luck to have the sufficiently long nails. the price of this luxury decreased over the years and obviously vary from city to city, but in any case are substantial enough: the first reconstruction may cost from EUR 40 to 100, while for remodeling from 20 EUR to 50 . Many are the details that determine the cost, such as the type of gel that your beautician uses, or any trim that to a surcharge.

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Romantic Jewelery Just Cavalli

Here are other gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: articles “smiling” signed Smiley .We know, the lovers ‘festival is coming and a bit’ all run to look for something special, as it was Christmas again, with the difference that on Valentine’s Day you always think of not being quite unique, it snorts before usual hearts or love phrases on the cards because after years of gifts, always look the same. So here is an original idea: look for in Articles Smiley.

Smiley, the brand smile, wearing for you the role of Cupid and will meet the tastes of the most romantic, but also those who prefer to bet on something ironic.

Gift ideas for Valentine there are around, different brands have been busy for the occasion, just think of romantic jewelery Just Cavalli or the t-shirt “Love” by

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Miss Sixty Leggings

Miss Sixty presents the line Cherry Lips for the spring-summer 2011. The garments and accessories for the summer are designed inspired by the pop art of Andy Warhol, in fact every item seems one of his paintings and dominant elements are the lips of different colors tonalities fluo that repeat on a background black effect creating a gritty and very fashion. For the occasion, the brand has chosen to present, in addition to clothing, also a series of accessories: remember a portfolio and even handbags, shoes and scarves in the same fantasy pop.

The line is clearly inspired pop this time, but then, the brand has accustomed us to fashion choices of this type, is enough to remember the rock-inspired line for winter 2010 and again in autumn “on the road” just past.

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