10 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

You have no ability to do elaborate hairstyles?

Don’t have the time?

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Want to have a sophisticated look, but with easy hairstyles?

Don’t worry! Let’s take ten simple hairstyles tips and will take very little of your time.

Meet the easy hairstyles for long hair

1. Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most classic hairstyles easy and versatile. It can be made both to go to the gym as well as a more sophisticated event.

In addition, the ponytail allows some variations. You can hold it up high and add volume in front to give a retro air; You can leave the loose fringe of hand, or forward if you have Franklin; the tail can be lower, on the side. Anyway! Easy and versatile is our favorite hairstyle, isn’t it?

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Wrong Way to Wear Boots

Boot or gaiter women: what is the difference?None. Gaiter is the other name of short-barreled female boots, a nickname, so to speak. And boots short pipes are preferred them that love this migrant footwear male wardrobe for women.

Boots are always beautiful shoes and doubts is like not wanting to use. Long they have been part of winter fashion only, but nowadays it is common to use on the same day to be always chic and without sacrifices. When using more better! But this footwear democracy rule is not for long barrel yet, okay? If you are not a Paquita Xuxa, then keep the highest pipe for the most even cold days.

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Fashion Trends Womens Boots 2016

The latest fashion trends affect the whole world, especially the women who like to be always well dressed, in order to feel beautiful and attractive. This is a very large quality feminine universe that cares about wearing the clothes that mix and that let them according to what you are currently using.

To 2015 were launched several new features compared to clothes, shoes and accessories. Normally who dictates the fashion are the designers through the famous and luxurious parades promoted annually. In Brazil we have the São Paulo Fashion Week as an example of big industry event.

As well as in 2014, the boots for women are back in full force according to http://www.iamhigher.com/2016/boots-and-ankle-boots-for-men/, since they are able to enhance any visual, however it is important that women know combine footwear, accessories, make-up and clothes in order to get a perfect look and glass that in any event you attend.

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Adventure Military Watches

A military or adventure watches are categorized mainly by features such as nylon strap, rubber or PVD, loop Velcro nylon straps and standard loop or fastenings rubber straps and PVD, good visibility of the hands and numbers, the housing material such as high strength and scratch resistant PVD as sapphire glass. There are also models that incorporate advanced location and navigation systems and computers CR3 for unit conversion or calculation based on small distances and integrated into the watch movement barometers heights. For the luminescence of the numbers on the dial watches as the Vostok-Europe and Nite using the new system of gas pipes GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source) .In www.relojesconestilo.com it offers a wide range of brands, models and prices for the more adventurous feel safe and comfortable with your watch.


Smart Watches, an Economical Alternative to Smartphones

2014 will end with a lot of smart watches and bracelets in the market. For many, there is still enough time for them to replace smartphones, but the truth is that they have already become an economic alternative to smartphones.

So far they have fewer functions than smartphones, but they are really like. Smart watches that have already reached the market are almost the same as smartphones. They have a processor, RAM and an internal memory, a display and operating system similar to the smartphone. However, its price is also cheaper than a smartphone. I recently was on sale the LG G Watch for only 99 euros. And the most expensive watch does not exceed 500 euros when smartphones already reach 800 euros.

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Los Angeles Held the “Love” for Valentine’s Day

Cupid has already come to Victoria’s Secret and has dressed their little angels precious lingerie sets, specially designed for the great Valentine’s day. Candice Swanepoel, Barbara Palvin, Lily Aldridge and Behati Prinsloo are in charge of getting all the love Victoria’s secret “Love”.

You love them and fall in love with you. But we don’t know if or one of the new proposed lenceras that gives us one of the most special of lingerie. Following in his line, Victoria’s Secret see us a celebration in style, with the sophistication and sensuality all “Victoria’s” woman must own.

Tulle, lace and much, much red. So we have San Valentin 2013. Few developments, taking into account that it is a quotation in which neither is varies greatly from one year to another. But, to us, like show this type of spots. And it is a boost to raise temperatures.

To the sound of “Love is all we need”, we marvel with five new lines that Victoria’s Secret has prepared for Valentine’s day. “My sexy valentine”, “My tempting valentine”, “My romantic valentine”, “My fleerty valentine” and “My sweet valentine”.

Sensuality at its purest…


Hydro Health Water Purifier Filter

Health is strongly associated with the quality of water we ingest every day. To keep the water always clean and free of harmful micro-organisms, you need filter for home use.

Water filter is a simple product and run from a central plug which retains all the impurities from the water. They are capable of removing impurities from the water and one of its advantages is that they do not need to use electricity.

Knowing the types of filters on the market

– Clay filter: It is considered as the most efficient model in the segment to clean the water of dirt. Space ceramic filter is that it good for retention of chlorine, pesticides, iron, and aluminum, tin (95% retention) and still retain 99% of cryptosporidiosis (the parasite that causes the disease). Cleaning is also simple. Just spend a loofah with detergent inside, outside as well as candle products. To dry, simply use a cloth. Important detail: when the filter element became yellow, the ideal is to exchange a new one.

– Pressure Filter: They offer a high water flow and maintain sludge particles, rust and sand. Before selecting a model, you must know the voltage of the place where it will be installed, if the product needs a power point. It is also always advisable to pay attention to the model, as appropriate adapter may be required. For cleaning, it is advisable not to use steel wool or aggressive liquids. The ideal is to clean the filtered water outlet with a new tooth brush (do not use a brush that is used, can transfer bacteria into the water outlet) and remove the contamination with a clean cloth. Continue reading

Llimited Edition of Classic Watches

The historic brand of watches Laco has presented an exact replica of his existoso model 1969. The watch is a faithful copy of the German factory that launched over 40 years ago and which, today, it has become a prized piece collectors.


Like the original model, the equipment chosen is the same as its predecessor, Durowe automatic with manual loading shopareview. The back is awesome, and thanks to the crystal riding can see the mechanism in motion. The glass is screwed with 6 screws and is engraved with the serial number.

A dress watch classic style worthy lovers of good clothing and limited to only 200 units. The watch dial is convex and presents silver plated sconces with a box of polished stainless steel 35 mm respects the original. Tops set a leather strap black crocodile color. A copy handmade handcrafted by master watchmakers and is for sale at a price of 1,279 €.


Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Super Titanium News 2016

Hello Friend s !!! They have already come to Spain the news of the Citizen Super Titanium collection. The Japanese brand has accustomed us to get the same model in different dial colors (about 4) and do this and if the chronograph.

Well we have the good news that this has changed. As with all changes are winners and winners both parties and we will present here.

We believe that the big winner will be the Citizen AW1540 in all areas. Why? What is this watch? For to us a design truly successful, with colors spheres all very successful maybe brown and blue over white and black. Well this is an opinion, but if we are talking about the objective of a Citizen Eco-Drive watch with sapphire crystal, water resistance of 100 meters, and bracelet and box Super Titanium. Price? 249 € Here comes the “bad”. This novelty increasing the price compared to their predecessors from 219 € to 249 €. Of course, a price increase is always negative when deciding on a watch but at least in this case is justified. From Citizen we note that production costs are due to the design of Citizen AW1540 and his older brother (same model with chronograph) Citizen CA4320. The latter has risen compared their predecessors of 298 € to 349 €. Is this the bad side that you mentioned earlier? Not at all, we believe that both the Citizen and the Citizen CA4320 AW1540 are priced very justified for objective performance despite the rise. We also believe that it is aesthetically justified, we were delighted. The downside of the collection are the three models Citizen CA4310. Maintain the previous price and performance. However they did not like us aesthetically. From this moment and you can find all the models appearing in this post: Store


How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets

They appeared suddenly and out of nowhere, have become craze among preteens and teens. The plastic bracelets are making a huge success around the world, but fashion really took when a British Duchess visited New Zealand and saw that she was wearing the accessory. Result: it happened !

Being a parent of children and adolescents often yield enough. Just watch them and use your imagination to put into practice an idea to be sold. That’s what happened to Cheong Choon. Seeing her daughters doing simple props with rubber bands, he decided to invest and set up a small tear to facilitate joke that somehow turned into an enterprise.

Engineer, a former employee of Nissan, first developed this loom to serve as a prototype, giving it the name of Twist Band, soon after changing to Rainbow Loom.

And do not stop there, there are several techniques on 3rjewelry that can be applied to the creation of more and more complicated models.

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