“We Can Look at Your Files If We Suspect Copyright Infringement” Says Rapidshare

Rapidshare has positioned more strongly against piracy and copyright infringement in a manifesto on “responsible practices” published yesterday and directed to file storage services. One of the statements in this guide is somewhat controversial: it suggests that the services of the kind should update its policy of privacy so that you can inspect user files accused of copyright infringement. Continue reading

Google Pays Debt Unbelievable Because of Street View

Exactly one year Google was in the middle of a controversy involving the Maps service. European authorities revealed that Street View cars were collecting more than photographs of the places they passed, also recording data networks Wi-Fi citizens. This practice has made ​​the web giant was heavily criticized and investigated by government agencies until now had his first punishment.

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Google+ Gets New Interface

The Google announced in a post on the official blog what they say is a “more functional and flexible” version of Google+. The new service interface seems to focus on navigation and sharing items in Google products on the web and also brings greater customization options of the user experience. The video below shows some of the main changes, which should be available to all members from the coming weeks, according to Google.

(Video on YouTube)

The main change is the navigation icons. Before arranged on top of the service, are now on the left side, in what Google calls “navigation track”. The order of these can also be easily changed: simply click and drag the icons wherever they stop or hide some of them in a section called “More”. Leave the mouse on the icons will show quick actions that can be performed on each.

The right side was occupied by a list of items that are trend in network, suggestions and more right, the chat field, which before was detached from the main page.

The page for Hangouts gained an improved interface and also to show the last calls, public and popular hangouts.

Last but not least, is the change in the profile page of Google+ users. The profile is now on the left, near the chat area, and underneath are listed information about that member, as the place where he works, where he lives and which he attended college.

Constant change is one of the points that Google said it would be very strong on Google+. Then a change of interface is not something amazing and if you look well it copies some elements known from Facebook and Twitter. The question is whether this change will bring more traction to the network and cause it to be used more or will just continue being the social layer that Google forced down the throats of its members.

As always, the new interface will be applied to all Google+ users over the next few days. If you have not yet, wait for soon it will appear.


Google Changes Everything on the Top Bar of the Gmail and the Like

For me the top bar Google, that black that probably still in Gmail, Reader, Calendar and other company services you use, was always very helpful. Azar mine, because Google said on Tuesday night that the blessed discontinued bar. In its place will get something very different from what I expected to see with the standardization of the layout of Google products.

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Google Announces End of Life More Services Underused

One of the governance frameworks Larry Page, who became CEO of Google in January this year, is the cancellation of sites and services that have not generated much traction for the company. This attitude began in September with the closing or relocation of seven Google properties and continued in October with five of them getting a shovel of lime or being integrated into other services. Yesterday Google announced more dates for discontinuation of various services, continuing the cleaning.

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SOCl: Would This Social Onslaught of Microsoft?

Microsoft really want to get into the game of social networking, as she realized that Google and Facebook managed to raise a few million users in the field and are taking a good exchanged with ads. If the screenshots that appeared yesterday are true, the company already has a social network under test. And following the trend with some years of delay, it will have a name that is nothing more than a common word without some of the lyrics, the best style Tumblr and Flickr: the network should be called Microsoft SOCl. Continue reading

Facebook Debut New Privacy Control in Portuguese

“Dammit, it changed everything on Facebook!” With these words, my dear chief editor Mobilon alerts you to changes in the social network most used in the world. But stay calm, it is not that changed everything again, is that the new privacy control was released in Portuguese interface of Facebook. Now Brazilians can also define exactly how is the share of each update service.

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Instagram Back Behind the Change of Terms of Service

The Instagram sparked controversy this week after announcing it would change its terms of service from January 2013. The new terms could allow advertisers would use the photos published by users without paying anything for it. After complaints in social networks, Instagram decided to go back: the section dealing ads reverted to the original text of October 2010, by which time the Instagram was launched.

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Google Disables DNS Resolution in Brazil Curiously Before Congress Approve the Marco Civil

The President Dilma Rousseff has expressed several times a desire that data for Brazilian Internet users are stored on servers located in the territory national. At the same time when Dilma made ​​such statements, the Google made ​​a decision: disabled the resolution of DNS requests on servers in the country. Instead, the Google Public DNSbecame operational in the United States. The consultancy Renesys made ​​the discovery.

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Claro and TIM Offer Free Access to Twitter on Mobile

TIM announced today that it has partnered with Twitter to offer customers free access to the social network via the carrier’s data network. The news comes just over three weeks after Claro announce a similar agreement: from October 1, the operator is not charging for access to Twitter in certain plans. But you need to know some details not to have surprises in the future.

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