Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge) vs. Samsung Galaxy Touch 4 (edge): Samsunginterner Smartphonekampf

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 was very successful at the MWC rheostat above but that doesn’t change the fact that this counts note 4 to the currently best Android smartphones. Or maybe one of the edge models? For which Samsung device should you decide at the time of purchase?

Samsung offers currently two top devices in two different variants. A buyer must decide not only between the S6 and note 4, but also whether he wants to ride with or prefer the familiar flat keep screen on the shaft of the edge displays.

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The Apple Watch Comes: Prices And Features At a Glance

With yesterday’s performance, all the details are known to the Apple Watch. Apple shows that it wants to compete in the watch business not only with the famous Smartwatches, but also the watch industry sees as a competitor.

With the Apple Watch, the Californian company is finally also a Smartwatch. Where one must notice, that it presents not only a model, but three models with different sizes and different watch straps. With this offensive, you want to win as many potential buyers as possible for themselves and will doubtless provide an upswing in the Smartwatch market. Apple provides itself with the models, relatively wide and so wants to ensure that you can control various buyers.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Since Samsung has unveiled just the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, there is already the next device in the door. The Galaxy S6 active – a more robust Galaxy S6-.

With the Galaxy S series, a corresponding number of active was presented every year, they had special advantages in terms of robustness. Galaxy S5, already a very resistant mobile phone was introduced last year and the Galaxy S5 active has received no attention since it brought no great added value. With the Galaxy S6 that should change, so this has no IP certificate and the body makes no stable impression due to the large glass proportion.

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Oppo: Frameless Smartphone

The Chinese manufacturer of oppo seems to work after current leaks on a Smartphone with almost rahmenlosem display.

Large display but handy please

Let us remember once the time of Samsung Galaxy S2. First, the customers did not know what they will think of the huge (4.3-inch) display. The interest of smartphone users has changed over the years. One was infected from the numerous advantages which offers a large display. 4.7 inches, 5 inches, up to 5.5 inches large devices have gear on the market and give you become. But now users seem to realize that their smartphones with display size increases, are always more gradually. The solution: small display edges. This one creates a more compact housing and at the same time you can install a larger screen.

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Android: Swap Data On SD Card

Not enough memory for apps? Here, you can find out how you can outsource its data on the SD card.

If apps, photos, or videos – even in the best of smartphones is the internal memory usually faster full, than one would like. But to expose more memory you need to due to not delete data or cloud services in demand. Many Android Smartphones have the possibility to expand the internal memory with a micro-SD card.

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LG G4 Note: All Rumors To The High End Phablet

The South Korean company plans to publish a further flagship on the market current rumor, in addition to the LG G4 this year. In terms of brand new unconfirmed reports it should be note to a Phablet called LG G4.

Already on the Mobile World Congress 2015 announced the mobile Chief Juno Cho by LG, that’s the company is left this year not only for the G4. Wording to the device which has LG in the hindquarters, to be the next LG G4 technically superior. The speculation while

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Nokia MX4 Supreme: 60 Megapixel Camera?

After the purchase of the Smartphone business from Nokia by Microsoft the Finns may bring more on the market until 2017 no own smartphones, what my hopes for an Android device with brilliant camera left. This could happen but now but on a trick.

Can give quite on the mobile business – or want to – not, apparently the Finns finally they presented a convincing tablet with Android in the last year with the Nokia N1. To bypass

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Apple: Queues at Commercial Launch Soon a Myth?

What Apple lover does not: the long queues at the Apple store on release days. The media also criticized these circumstances all the time, but the interested parties not afraid to expose these long waits and crowds.

Because even they know: Apple has the edge in quality as well as innovative new features very far forward. To make it easier for its customers, Apple is now actually. Worldwide, the

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At last! LG Confirms First Speculations About The g4

In the past few weeks was much dar & kitchen about ger & embellishment; tselt, as the new flagship will probably look like, it can score with what inner values, whether LG is planning a better camera, etc – the typical themes, if a new smartphones waiting.

Now the South Korean companies in the answered past some of these rumours days. Thanks to a press release from the 03 April 2015 and an Official Teaser Video from the 06th April 2015, now secure statements can be made both the display and the camera.

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First Details On The Samsung Galaxy A8

The South Koreans not let loose and have a Phablet for the middle class in the pipeline now appears after updating their Galaxy S series. The speech is from the Samsung Galaxy A8, a giant Smartphone dressed in metal with 5.7 inch super-AMOLED display.

According to a report by SamMobile, the Galaxy A8 should initially only for the Chinese market. According to SamMobile that could change yet in the course of time, so that the

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Apple Legend Becomes The Movie

With Michael Fassbender in the lead role as Steve Jobs the Apple fans expect an exciting experience in the then-known world of the deceased Apple co-founder.

It was he who introduced the whole world with the iPhone: Steve Jobs and his success story to the film and reach the American screens on October 9 this year. Universal Pictures has taken the trouble to film written by Walter Isaacson’s biography of the great Apple’s and to depict the world his great success. “The screenplay for the film adaptation of Steve

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