The New Jeans

Long ago we told you about a line of innovative Bugaboo strollers for tejano style. But as in almost any firm related to childcare, serves the renew or die, so we have the new prams Bugaboo Denim 107, to go to the game with our jeans.

It is that they have been successful these carts for infants with tops and denim bags, I’m not surprised, since they give a very modern and different to the pram touch. So they just throw these new models-jeans. Continue reading

Naval Clash, Playing to Sink The Fleet on Our Android

Sure that many of us have played sometime to sink the fleet, either the paper version or the toy distributed different brands. A simple game with a calm rhythm that managed to snag and kill time, as all good board game.

This traditional game, like many others, has also made the jump to Android and the Market there are many versions but none as Naval Clash. A very successful adaptation that besides having a very careful graphics offers some very interesting features. Continue reading

Navman S30i

On the screen of the navman arrival time and other data are represented while open, but quite small. The display shone during the day quite bright, at night she dazzled however. Not good: For cross-border navigation, from munich to vienna, you must switch to the card winded by hand (addendum of the editorial office: With new firmware, this is no longer necessary). And: The device can only warn of exceeding a single speed.

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