The Most Beautiful Men Perfumes for Christmas

From left: Spice Navy by Hermes, Bottega Veneta pour Man,  as of Garcons x Monocle scent three: Cedar.

Everyone it knows: the days are getting shorter, thicker, chimes jackets are piling up on the radio and suddenly Christmas is back. Not all years having to give away again and again the same thing, we present eight perfumes that last Christmas Eve guaranteed not under the tree lay. Part: Gucci “Made to Measure”, “gentlemen only” by Givenchy and Versace “Eros”. Continue reading

9 Tips to Do When the Iphone Falls in the Water

Did your iPhone fall into the water? No need to panic! This does not necessarily mean a death sentence for your smart phone. Depending on the level of damage caused, it is possible to completely recover your device.

However, it takes agility to deal with the problem and also intelligence: one of the most important points is to avoid using the device soon after it has occurred. The process of recovering your cell phone involves ways to eliminate all the liquid from the outside and inside. The longer the water stays in contact with the components of the smart phone, the harder it will be to recover it completely. Continue reading

Buy Ipad Black Friday Discount

Enjoy the tips on buying an iPad Black Friday 2016 priced under the table.

One of the main ways is always opt for purchasing in sight, whether in banking or debit slip, so you already ensures at least a 10% discount.

Another way is to use our price comparer, to do this just visit the link below:

Remember that one of the ways to get discount is that students and teachers have discount on Apple products. To learn more visit the official website. Continue reading

Eyebrow Care

What are the Ultimate Eyebrow Care.

After the woman goes through the process of definitive eyebrow she has to know how to take care of, to avoid damaging it, but not all women know how to take care properly, and for this we separate here some important tips for you to check, so keep an eye on more information as soon as possible.We know that this cosmetic procedure is not for, so more than ever we have to know how to care to keep eyebrows always beautiful as well. Continue reading

The Passion of Polo Shirts Originated

More than two hundred years ago, the game of Polo originated in the endless Asian steppe. The English Cavalry established the first rules of this equestrian sport in the former British colony “British India”. Affiliated, an American Polo lovers brought the game to American New York in 1876. The popularity took its course and at the end of the 19th century the game was about the English finally to Argentina. In the course of great euphoria, the Argentines quickly became passionate polo players. And here begins the story of the popular lifestyle brand “La Martina”.


The Polo-loving Argentines Lando Simonetti returned to his home in Buenos Aires after his fashion career in the United States, and created “La Martina”. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

In 1984, the first retail store opened its doors in the capital. Even now, it is still the home of “La Martina”. The preservation of the history and culture of the sport of Polo stands for Lando Simonetti until today in the first place. To even the most important Polo Tournament in the world, the ‘Campeonato Argentino abierto de Polo’ to participate, even an own professional Polo team founded the label. Unite here is passion for fashion and sports to a harmonious story. Continue reading