Cyanogen Inc presents MOD and Kick off the Post App on Android

The Mobile World Congress is not just a stage in which are presented the latest generation hardware platforms, but also a place where we talk about software. They know the guys from Cyanogen Inc, which took advantage of the occasion to announce their biggest initiative dedicated to Android from the future: get MOD.

MOD is a new API that will allow developers to overcome current intrinsic limits of apps, creating new solutions that integrate seamlessly with the OS, so return an entirely new and consistent user experience that could revolutionize users ‘ approach towards Android. The development of MOD was followed very closely by an important partner of Cyanogen, or Microsoft. In fact its the first app that show this new level of integration that will be publicly released with the upcoming release of CyanogenOS 13. Continue reading

Bypassing a Fingerprint Scanner?

We usually consider a fingerprint scanner like the evolution of password, “because it’s more convenient” and “because it’s safer.” But is it really so? During the Mobile World Congress 2016, CEO of Chinese company Vkansee did much talked about moving beyond the Touch ID an iPhone simply “replicating” your fingerprint on some pongo (era of Play-Doh, more malleable and soft regular pongo) and passing it on to the scanner. It didn’t work the first time around, but after a few tries the device it is unlocked.

To clarify, that the device in question was an iPhone or any other terminal would make little difference. The technology of fingerprint scanner is more or less similar. Continue reading

Sofia Vergara Cosmetics

Submitted by Forbes among the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world, Sofia Vergara continues to grind. His secret? Sensual and elegant style, underscored by a make bright and intense. Find out here!

Among the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world and the highest-paid actress of tv according to Forbes, Sofia Vergara-Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the acclaimed series ABCModern Family–is preparing to celebrate another successful year.

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Transfers FC Twente 2011

Football 2011-2012 season is already over winter break. At the beginning of the season all have the choice of players come and go. Also replaced during the winter transfer window, there are players the club. This article summarizes the transfers at the club: FC Twente Enschede. Note: The transfer list is updated to the last week of January 2012. By revealed the dismissal of coach Co Adriaanse. He succeeded after the winter break of the former successful coach of FC Twente Steve McLaren

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Architecture Design for House Plan

We know how cumbersome and tiring reform can be. We also know that the result almost always worth your efforts and a small change in the architecture of your home can completely change the way you relate to your home.

To give you a little inspiration at the time of struggle, the webpage separated 6 projects of existing spaces reforms that have achieved incredible results. See below:

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How to Wear Red Lipstick Everyday

The red lipstick is sexy, but if you do not know to give it up, it is also difficult to tame. By burrs on the teeth to those on coffee cups, here are the problems that you always have to deal with. You’re also passed you?
Red lipstick gives a lot of satisfaction, but it is really hard to tame. Here are all the problems that creates for those who can not give it up.


When you realize you’ve forgotten your lipstick, you may begin to cry. The feeling is similar to what you feel when your phone is running low and you have the cable to the battery. Want to immediately rush home. Continue reading

Color Blocking: Mixing Colors

Hello girls! Upon request, I decided to show some items from my wardrobe, and first of all I will talk about a trend that many people enjoy, but have some doubts at the time of use: is the color blocking or color block! This trend emerged in the winter of 2011, with the intention of getting out of the common place of sober colours. But it was the summer of 2012 that fashion took off, and continues on high until today!

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Apple Censor Danish Comics

Drew pee men and little girls in Danish comics is too sassy for Apple.

Apple is once again ended up in a spotlight on the company’s odd relationship with nudity. It is namely not only naked men and women in the Peter Øvig Knudsens Hippie books that show too much skin after the U.S. company’s taste. Now comics also removed from Apple’s app store. It writes our site.

This year alone at least 59 comics was removed or rejected by Apple, and two of these comics is Rune t. Kidde’s Literary straight Classics and Piss huen.

According to our site, the two comics, however, available on Apple’s iBooks store, but Apple has however refused to sell comics at the company’s appstore, where they will be sold as part of the application, comics, which is an application with the Danish comic releases.  Continue reading

10 Tips for Decorating Nursery


  1. Tips for decorating nursery

Get a perfect decoration for child’s room

The children’s room is one of the responsible for the child’s development, causing it to learn about independence and have the first notions of having your own space. Because of this, the decoration for child’s room should be designed properly to be beautiful, functional and, just as important, so like his little master.

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How to Dress a Banana Shaped Figure?

Large or small, your shoulders are in alignment with your hips and your waist is not marked? Welcome to the club rectangles! Relax, this is a type of single morphology to feminize, just to avoid the androgynous style, provided of dressing following some codes. To feminize your online, follow our advice and some way for morphology silhouettes H.

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Ultimate Proof Kim Kardashian Fashion Tips

Bear your of “envy dell outfit” against Kim Kardashian? Be facciamocela pass. Here is the scientific proof, final and irrefutable that she always has the usual 15 things that are better
Kim Kardashian is living proof that to have a style that breaks, chasing the latest fashion can be counterproductive. Conversely, be aware of what works on you, such as garments suit you best and add value to you, it works! Sure, it takes perseverance to always wear the same things. Continue reading

Italian Designer Lamps

I love lamps in which you realize that designers have thought about creating a product differently.While rummaging through anonline store, I came across the Assolo floor lamp, a product that I want to introduce you today like.

Luta Bettonica is the designer who is behind the Assolo floor lamp.Luta was born in Milan in 1968, is a designer. Together with her father, Franco Bettonica, she worked as an architect and designer and has kept her passion for designing products until today. one of her works is the Assolo floor lamp.

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