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With WearFaces, you will find a wide range of free skins for your smart watch – or create yourself so.

Wear of Android is Google’s platform for smart watches and the competitor to Apple Watch. As already in the smart phone counterpart Android, one of the big advantages over the Apple system should be the openness and adaptability of wear. With WearFaces about you can customize completely the appearance of the so-called “Watchfaces”, so the default screen, indicating time and date you. Continue reading

Wedding Dress: Your Choose

The occasion more special in the life of a woman’s time and that she wants to be beautiful the most beautiful of all.
And the wedding dress needs to be thought of fondly, the professional that you chose to make your dress is there to help you in the choice and details of the costume. With a wealth of experience the professional can give you tips on which model suits you best, because there are important details with time, silhouette, breasts, waist, fabric, color, modeling, the accessories and the personality of the woman who will walk down the aisle. Continue reading

Sexy Delicacy: Bras without Bulge

Unfurnished bras are the darling of women in love with practicality and comfort. Lightweight, pliable and super-gorgeous to wear, these models do not squeeze, hurt or transform the natural shape of the breasts.

Next, check out a list of six versions – it’s for everyone! – with tips to tear up! Ah! All styles are available at Le Lingerie. And the best: you can split up to 12x on the card. Arrase! Continue reading

Android X 86, All about The PC Version of Android

Android is a versatile operating system, not in vain have seen it running on a huge number of devices of different types, from radios to smartphones. However, her final leap to personal computers still so we hope, because Google has been very work – it has Chrome OS for these conflicts – or manufacturers have wanted to bet strong on PCs with Android with the exception of few laptops. Continue reading

Qualcomm: Mobile Phone Display with 2,560 X 1,440 Pixels

Qualcomm has shown for the first time his 5.1-inch mirasol display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. In addition to the Smart phone screen, the CPU manufacturer presented also a smart watch with a 1.6-inch large display.
Qualcomm boasts at SID display week in Vancouver. Also on the Homepage the hardware giant presented mirasol display venturing into new regions of the resolution. The resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels at only 5.1 inch ppi is a pixel density of 557. For comparison, the HTC one 471 reached ppi with a full-HD display. Continue reading